Brands have worked manually for doing influencer marketing till date.

We will help them experience the ease of Influencer Marketing with a twist of technology now.

We are building a digital platform for Indian content creators.We understand the value of influencers, their hard work and how with their innovative ideas and creative minds they are helping people engage with the brands

The idea to make this platform came to us during the pandemic period when most of us were sitting at our homes and finding out ways to make this time useful in some way or the other. So, did us and came up with the idea of reforming the way influencer marketing is done currently by brands and creators both. We talked to multiple creators as we wished to understand the issues and obstacles they are facing while collaborating and how they would react to a platform of ours.

Brands on the other hand were excited as well as what they expect is engagement and end result from the influencer marketing campaign they perform and the money they spent.

People buy things from recommendations of people they like and trust, so Famstar will help brands reach people via the most liked and trusted people around them.

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