3 ideas to grow organically on LinkedIn

Sat, Jan 9, 2021

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LinkedIn may not be in demand as much as Instagram or Facebook but it is still the best way to get in front of the business-owners and decision-makers. If your goal is to connect with the executives, marketers, salespersons or any other person with the power to sign the check and finalize the deal, LinkedIn is where you should be looking at.

However, metaphorically speaking, LinkedIn is not an easy fish to fry. Social media might have been conquered by many but LinkedIn takes a different brand of content and commitment from the creators. To grow organically on LinkedIn, do the following things:

  1. Be SEO-friendly.

Like any other search engine, people on LinkedIn search by keywords like “communication specialist” or “content strategist”. These keywords take them to the relevant profiles of the connections or professionals they might be interested in working. So, optimize your LinkedIn profile to bring the right kind of traffic to your profile.

  1.  Have rich media content on your profile.

To stand out of the crowd and highlight your profile, ensure that your profile has varied media content like case studies, blogs, articles, vlogs, etc., that will attract the right audience. The projects section of your profile should be filled with your native content. If you are not creating original content yet, share relevant videos, blogs or posts from your previous organizations that you have worked on.

  1.  Create content relevant to your connections on LinkedIn.

Relevancy is one of the most underrated aspects of any professional profile. But to create niche-specific content and bring the right set of audience, you need to create content that is relevant to your connections on LinkedIn. Publish articles or post videos but whatever you do, keep it authentic, original and publish it with proper hashtags.

Do these things and soon your profile will be making a lot of noise, in the right way of course. What are you waiting for then? Optimize your LinkedIn profile today!


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