7 simple steps to follow if you want to become an influencer

Wed, Jan 6, 2021

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As per the reports, 7% of companies invested more than a million dollars in 2020 in Influencer marketing. Brands are leveraging the influence of creators to market their products and services at a cheaper price. Earlier, celebrities were the only option available but now, these social media influencers have become celebrities; an economical way. Each influencer has their pockets and an inbox full of work, especially after the pandemic. They are working on inventive campaigns which further enhances and establishes their own brand.

However, thousands of social media users wish to become a famous influencer. Everyone wants a piece of it but they are not sure how to go about it. Well, we can help you with that. Let’s help you visualize the roadmap to becoming an influencer.

  1. Pick a Niche.

The initial stage for any influencer is to become a micro-influencer with a close-knit group. If you want your users to resonate with your content, pick a niche for yourself. It will allow you to create organic content and create powerful word-of-mouth to small groups.

  1.  Create a Strategy.

Once you have decided your niche, it is time to develop a strategy. There are numerous universal templates available in the market so choose one and ensure that your content strategy has specific goals and objectives you wish to achieve. More importantly, write down your strategy since verbal is never enough.

  1.  Select your Channels.

When it comes to selecting the right channel for your niche, there are no set formulas. You need to choose for yourself whether your audience is more on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest. Do your research and choose accordingly.

  1.  Add Value to the Conversation.

Once you post something on Instagram or Facebook, stick around for 30 minutes or so to respond to the comments you receive. Get creative with your conversations and add value to what you say; it will create the desired results if your followers see you as a genuine human being talking about everyday things.

  1.  Be Original.

Even though it is easy for a micro-influencer on Instagram or other social media channels to copy other successful influencers’ work and ideas, being original is fundamental. Have your vocabulary, adjectives, goals, among others. To be influential, you need to make real, original connections which can only be formed with original content.

  1.  Stay Consistent.

Whatever you do, don’t be inconsistent with your content postings. If your users feel that you are not serious about your content, it will create a negative image. For a budding micro-influencer, being authentic is as vital as being consistent.

  1.  Focus on Community Building.

Understanding the fact that you are not a big, million-followers-influencer yet. Your followers want to feel the vibe of being a part of a community since you are a micro-influencer with organic reach. Focus on creating genuine connections, it’s a foolproof plan to building a community feeling.

To conclude…

Social media is a big pool of creators and influencers buzzing around. Everyone wants to become the “next big thing” but don’t fall for the big bucks or twinkling lights. Keep doing what you do and focus on sustainability rather than shortcuts. AND… follow these steps to become a successful social media influencer in the future.


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