8 Easy Ways to Grow your Social Media Following

Mon, Jan 4, 2021

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When it comes to social media, everyone wants to be in on the action. So many social media channels to choose from but Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, among others, are highly active channels. TikTok was also in-demand before the government banned it. However, everyone wants to gain followers and increase their social media presence.

Grow in the right way

Having a good presentation can help grow your brand and create much-needed noise among social media users. But, to grow organically, you need to follow a strategy and learn what your followers want. Below-mentioned are 8 tips which are essential if you want to grow your social media in the right way. Grow your Social Media Following

  1. Actively engage.

Talking to your followers is important. Engage in healthy conversations with them, talk about things which will create a positive outlook towards your content and will spread positivity. Word-of-mouth is still a strong way to advertise so make sure that you are actively engaging with your followers.

  1.  Establish your social media voice and tone.

Each person has their way of communicating. Be it humour, satirical or to-the-point, once you choose how to communicate, be consistent. The ideal way is to write like you talk since this will create a conversational tone for your followers to connect with. influencer marketing platform 3.  Quality over quantity.

It is so easy to go after quantity but maintaining quality is and should be the goal. Your followers deserve your best and average will only harm more than good.

  1.  Don’t sound robotic.

Please understand that your followers are following you because they feel some connection with the content you create. Humanize your content and present it in a way that it transfers the warmth you wish your followers to feel.

  1.  Research hashtags before use.

Hashtags are albums created across social media channels. In these hashtags, users from all over the world will add their content but if you add your content in the wrong album, it will get overlooked, ignored and if you choose a hashtag which is commonly used, your content will soon get lost. So, research well before using hashtags.

  1.  Be Follow-worthy.

It’s easier said than done but create an aura which will make your profile follow-worthy. Create a connection with your followers; it is the easiest way to gain more followers.

  1.  Identify Goals and Objectives.

What you want to achieve from your profile should be clear in your mind. If you create content that doesn’t convey a single message then it will confuse your followers as to what you wish to show. Write down your goals, turn them into objective, and plan accordingly.

  1.  Create an Integrated Social Media Strategy.

A social media strategy enables you to visualize what your profile will look like in the near future. Create a strategy beforehand so that you have the scope to make amendments in case you wish to show something which might be better suited to your niche.


Even though social media is a must for each & every brand, there’s still no foolproof way to go about it. You experiment as you go and evolve once you have your learnings. The above-mentioned tips are some of the best practices used by most of the successful social media creators. Start creating and entice your followers with the best you can offer. influencer marketing platform


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