8 Trends on Social Media That Will Inspire Your Content Creation

Mon, Aug 30, 2021

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Social media is a place where brands, businesses, and influencers can interact with their followers and fans. Influencers have always existed since the dawn of social media, but in this day and age brands and businesses have started to enter the scene looking for influencers to help promote their products. Trends have come and gone, and lately, things seem to go out of style like never before, so when your work revolves around current and current it is worth trying to keep up with the latest news. Standard rates can be quite overwhelming. especially if you are active on multiple platforms, the way we use Instagram has only changed a lot in the last year, and users have seen that content influencers are easier to identify by using their influence to drive change.

We are Famstar- **the **best influencer marketing platform in India and we have laid down the top 8 social media trends that will inspire your content creation. Let’s go! REELS REMIXREELS REMIX REELS REMIX

Instagram Reels, a response from the TikTok platform, was launched last year and is becoming more popular every day. In April, they finally unveiled a duo feature called “Remix” on TikTok that allows users to react to other videos. This is a great way to increase views and engagement, especially if your video is republished by the original creator.


Basically, it’s a collection of images that you share like a carousel in a post, like a photo diary. Stock Photo is a great choice to share a few photos from a trip or just a weekend. Let’s be more honest than overestimate the preparatory photo sessions.


For almost a decade, Instagram has been a place where interesting content has trickled down to ninth grade, but in the past year, users have been looking for honest and trustworthy posts. With fantastic depictions of life that we deeply know is fake. With COVID and social justice issues set to be a painful issue in 2020, influencers around the world tend to share the realities of everyday life, no matter how humorous.


In addition to being open and relevant, the number of heavily filtered photos on Instagram has plummeted. Of course, some minor tweaks and colour adjustments are still in progress, but for the most part, the content is as close to real-life as possible. Eliminate lens flare and Facetune, in 2021 we will be focusing on enhancing realism.


If the 10s were the era of selfies, then the 1920s were the era of the self-timer. You don’t need a fancy tripod and a remote shutter to take great pictures of yourself. Just turn on the timer on your phone, or use an app like Lens Buddy to put your phone somewhere and start posing. ; and really connect with your audience.


The more your followers see and interact with your stories, the more likely your content will be delivered to them on a regular basis. “Give me a day and I’ll post a picture from my photo gallery.” It’s a fun way to remind your followers that you are just another person. In the years before Stories became popular, all textbooks were all the rage for creating aesthetic stories with cool filters and edits. But now “History” is often used as a behind-the-scenes look at our life.


No matter how small your subscribers are, you have a platform and you need to use it. As an influencer, you have the opportunity to share information and educate your followers. You don’t need to make your channel a medium of communication, but sometimes exchanging links and informative messages can go a long way. Instagram is no longer just a wheel of aesthetic moments, it is a place to start an informative conversation and share your unique experiences.


Follow influencers with similar attitudes and ethics. Of course, not everyone will agree with your values, but it is better to be open and honest with your audience than to hide it in order to gain public approval. Being honest about your life and how you choose to live adds a level of credibility to content that the average person enjoys.


These are the top social media trends that will inspire your content creation journey. Trends will come and go but eventually, you have to stay relevant to who you are so that your audience does not get distracted from what value you bring to their lives.

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