A Creator’s Guide To Instagram’s Paid Partnerships

Sat, Aug 14, 2021

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Influencer Marketing has become an integral means to endorse products and it’s going to keep increasing in the foreseen future. There is a massive change for Brands and Influencers. Perhaps, in the beginning, people found it to be a hoax but so did they find the same about Digital Marketing. Looking at the present, the world is filled with Digital Marketers. Similarly, people have started trusting influencer marketing and their mindset is changing thus paving an era where Influencers and Brands will thrive.

Quite recently, you must have seen your ideal influencers using the label **“Paid Partnerships” **This “Paid Partnership” tag was introduced by Instagram in the year 2017 for the purpose of transparency of sponsored posts. Quite an interesting feature as this tag could avoid confusion and keep you away from trouble and give clarity.

Some may even believe that “Paid Partnerships” could be one of the only ways for you to post sponsored content on Instagram. Now no need to be sad. This is actually wonderful news for both brands and creators and I will tell you why in a few minutes but before we jump to the perks let’s understand a few of these questions.

What are Paid Partnerships on Instagram?

A paid partnership is a label that is visible when creators tag the business accounts of the Brands either through stories or posts. The audience will see the paid partnership with (Business Partner) on top of the image or story.

When should creators use this feature?

Creators should use the paid partnership tag for all the sponsored posts or stories to display transparency on the platform. It is always good to discuss beforehand with Brands to avoid confusion that may arise.

Can anyone use the paid partnership tag?

You cannot use this feature if you as a creator have not associated with the Brand or if they have not elected you as their Brand Ambassador. As mentioned before, communication is always good to ensure the utmost transparency.

Why should you make use of the Paid Partnerships feature?

The Paid Partnerships feature is beneficial equally to both Creators as well as Brands. Although let’s critically make a benefits list.

Brand Perspective

Brands get direct access to insights into the creator’s account. This means that as a Brand you will be able to view the statistics of each sponsored post and observe the engagement the creator brings. It will also give brands an idea of how to go about future influencer marketing campaigns. Another feature is that Brands can have access to specific metrics such as likes, comments, shares, replies to the stories(Although brands can have access to the story insights only for 14 days) Instagram also offers another feature to Brands called Partner Approval, in case the brands do not agree with a certain sponsored post they can disapprove the content.

Creators Perspective

When creators collaborate with Brands with the Paid Partnership, it opens more opportunities for future collaborations as Brands can clearly see that, Yes, this influencer is an experienced influencer. Thus, more probability of the Brands collaborating with you. More collaborations will result in you being recognised as a creator and also the people would value your content.

Let’s all remember that who doesn’t love transparency. Although, make sure that you follow the guidelines laid down by Instagram. You can view the guidelines from the Help Option. Paid Partnership for Brands and Influencers

How do I set up a Paid Partnership for Brands and Influencers?


1. Add partner approvals for branded content

After unlocking this feature for your brand you will have to click on the Partner Approval.

● Click on the Business Settings. Scroll down and find Branded Content Approvals.

● You will have to tap the Approval option.

● If you want to find additional creator accounts to approve, they live below the Require Approvals toggle button.

● Any approved creator accounts will show up.

● Once all creator accounts are approved, your brand approval tray will be empty.

**2. **Tag notification

You can tag your business partner or even remove them.

**3. **Establish Branded Content Ads (Optional)

If you are collaborating with an ad creator you can use this feature and set up your ads with the existing content post options.


1. Tag a business partner on your content post.

● For feed posts, go to advanced settings on the last page of the creation flow.

● Search for a partner. Partners still requiring approval are greyed out and divided by a header.

● And, just add the partner you want.

● Adding a partner will disable cross-sharing to Facebook.

2. Tagging a business partner in branded content stories

● For Stories go to the icon toolbar after taking a story photo or video but before posting it.

● Tapping on the link icon opens a view with the option to tag a business partner, and for some influencers, it may also have the option to add a URL.

● Search for a business partner.

● There you go!

In case you have forgotten to add a business partner to your post you can tag them later too after your post goes live. You can press the edit post option and add a business partner.

Remember, the Paid Partnership feature is only available to Creator’s account or Business Account. You can anytime change your account type from the settings, it won’t take too long.


It’s actually very easy to use the “Paid Partnership” feature on Instagram. As an influencer, you get recognition, more money and you will be valued as a creator. As a Brand, you get clear insights, easy tracking of the campaign performance, you can reach your target audience easily.

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