How this boy from a middle-class family made his first 20k followers with continuous hard work- Aniket Galhotra

Mon, May 24, 2021

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Aniket Galhotra**- **aniket.galhotra

A simple boy from Ludhiana having a dream to conquer big in life someday . I started my Instagram journey two years back, with no hard core plans of becoming a photographer or blogger. A year back, I thought of trying my hand at photography. I bought a 1300D camera and a laptop, did a few small shoots here and there, and shared them on my profile. Was getting good reviews for my photography where people asked me to Persia it as my career but nothing great was coming on the way. Though I kept practicing and enhancing my skills. My first ever collaboration came in the form of my big brother Sarthak Kadakia, and that was a major turning point for me. As I got into the world of blogging from photography.. there has been no looking back. I continued doing photoshoots, and I slowly got opportunities to collaborate with brands. Initially started with small audience numbers but with time me and my Instagram family grew. I come from a simple middle class background, and I am extremely thankful to my family for all their encouragement and support in choosing this alternate career path. It has been a continuous learning process, and at 20000 plus followers, I feel blessed and grateful, and I only want to get better. and hopefully one day become a household name .


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