I aspire to build a fast fashion brand and promote the make in India movement- Akshita Vohra

Wed, Jun 16, 2021

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Akshita Vohra-fashionfeedweb

A fashion and lifestyle digital creator based out of Chandigarh under the name @Fashionfeedweb.I would like to put forward my journey to all those who are reading this at the moment and for the ones who’ve always been passionate about following their dreams. It all started with a mere attraction towards fashion, trends and all that glam. Being always good in studies back in high school, I never really gave it a serious thought and chose Non-Medical as my stream, I always convinced myself that this is something I’m destined for, since I got a 10 CGPA in my 10th standard the stereotypical process to analyze your stream for higher secondary classes. However, I’m glad that by the end of my schooling I realized I should follow the path which I’m actually interested in and the only thought that came into my mind was fashion designing, where it all began. I started a page only with the thought of staying connected to my field , little did I know that it’ll open a whole new world for me. In the process I learnt what blogging and content creation means, what all are the career prospects with the social media channels. Nothing comes easy, neither did this. It is a struggle at first to put forward your point which you’re conveying to your audience and to build a long-lasting connection with them. With the changing times, there come certain barriers, like collaborations which are not paying you enough or not paying you at all to sustain yourself in this field. Sometimes you face a stagnation in your audience and you just can’t grow any further but the only motto here which works is consistency. I have faced many of these problems and they even bother me today but what I have always believed in, is Consistency and that is what will help you grow, whichever field you are in. There is still a lot to achieve and the step has already been taken. The sole factor which will keep you at it is consistently dealing positively with the competition and that is ‘you, yourself’. So I started this page from scratch during my first year of Fashion College with a simple thought of staying connected to my field, little did I know that it’s a whole new world in itself. As I started posting personal style images, I started to get a response and within a span of two months, I started getting work to promote brands through my fashion sense. It’s been four and a half years now. Like every other girl, fashion is something I have loved since my childhood but what stands me apart from the crowd is presenting relatable, comfy style to my audience and helping them out in using their everyday clothes in a number of ways. Over the time I’ve realized it’s a place to be your original self and let people relate to your life, just like their own and live your journey along with you as a whole new family. I have started my brand as well @lasenhoraofficial which is in its initial stages at the moment, however I aspire to build a fast fashion brand and promote the make in India movement. I have devoted myself completely to my page and this is my full time profession. Working for various brands/labels and malls gives me an adrenaline rush to work hard. As far as my overall work is concerned, I like to maintain a balance between sponsored and original content. As much as I like being associated with various brands, I love giving out styling/outfit ideas to my audience through self-created concepts on IGTV/Reels. The dream is definitely to reach a level where I can enter in the top creators’ list nationally/internationally. However I would like to stick to my foundation and never change my aesthetics just for the sake of staying in the fashion game. Staying true to my aesthetics and my personality is what I believe will help me grow and which will stick by me forever. I am basically from Shimla but shifted here to my dream city in 9th standard & honestly this is my dream city, I have loved this place the way it is and I am glad I’m a part of it now.


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