An Ideal Guide To Influencer Marketing For Newly Growing Businesses

Mon, Oct 25, 2021

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In this modern era of the internet, I have seen some normal people becoming influencers like celebrities and also many brands doing great business with the help of Influencers.

Even though some of the brands have grown exponentially, many new businesses have failed to convert themselves into a brand.

In this article, we’ll talk about what influencer marketing is and how it works. But most importantly we’ll discover the ideal way to execute influencer marketing within a business.

The importance of influencer marketing can not be denied, Whether it is a newly growing business or an already grown business.

It helps the newly founded business in its brand recognition and launching of a new product. influencer marketing platform

What is influencer marketing and why is it important for Businesses?

Influencer marketing in simple terms is the way of marketing a product/service through influencers.

Brands use influencers’ influence on their audience to spread awareness about their new product or to promote the brand. Influencer Marketing For BusinessesInfluencer Marketing For Businesses Why is it important or benefits of Influencer marketing?

Marketing is simple. It is a Two-way communication between a business and an audience.

And to do it successfully, one should be Talking to the right people at the right time in the right way**.**

When I say talking, I mean being able to convey the right thoughts and the vision of your brand.

So basically marketing is communication. Communicating your thoughts, your vision, and the value of your brand.

Why is marketing communication? Because marketing is also about improving your brand and not just selling it.

For communication to happen, You need to have a channel that will help you in showing your product to the audience.

For example, a food market would be a good channel for me if I make burgers.

Earlier the only channels were Newspapers, Radio, or Television.

The channels have the audience’s attention. And that is what Brands or companies need the most.

The reason why these channels have the people’s attention is that they create content that is liked by the users.

With time, the traditional way of marketing has lost its effect.

Now the world is being digitized. People do not watch TV anymore, and they hardly listen to the radio.

Almost every individual on this earth now has a social presence. And because of that, you don’t need Tv or radio as a channel to communicate your thoughts.

According to a report, the average spending time of a person on the internet or social media has increased by more than 2 hours a day.

As I said earlier in the blog, the reason why newspapers and TV got people’s attention is that they created content for them and now it is Influencers who create content that is liked by the audience.

The content could be anything. Their photos, acting, traveling, dancing videos, or anything.

Influencers have the audience’s attention so they’re able to help brands catch the right people in the right way.

People these days trust more common people like them than celebrities. They have a large fan following on social media platforms like Instagram, youtube, and etc…

It is not just about the number of followers but they also have a trustful relationship with their followers, so their followers give importance to their opinion about a product or brand.

Collaborating with influencers of your niche will assist you in building your brand’s image.

There is cut-throat competition in the market. Every business struggles with making its place in the market in the budding stage.

Because they have to start everything from scratch.

For example, They have to pick the right audience, Spread awareness and the most important thing is that they have to build trust with their audience from scratch.

All of this takes time.

Specially Building the Trust!

You can spread awareness to the right people with various paid methods like Google/Facebook/YouTube ads and others…

But there is no way you can build trust with your audience without having to invest the time.

Here, Influencer marketing makes the most important difference.

People already trust their favorite influencer. So the trust is already created.

When an Influencer promotes your brand/product, trust is also built between the brand and the audience.

And the best part is, unlike other paid methods like ads, You don’t have to keep running your campaign.

Because when an influencer has promoted your brand, your audience starts to recognize your brand and trust has also been created. influencer marketing platform

Let us look at some stats on how the effect of Influencer marketing has grown in recent times.

According to a global report, influencer marketing’s growth is increasing beyond our expected rate. Where it was just $ 1.7 billion in 2016, increased to $9.7 billion in 2020 and the forecast says it will be $13.8 billion this year. The growth seems unstoppable.

Now that we know about Influencer marketing and its importance, let’s look at how newly growing businesses can make the most out of it.

A newly growing business can not take a blind risk in its toddler stage. It needs the medium that can be most effective for raising its brand value in the market. And in the present era, as per the stats and the points stated earlier, influencer marketing is definitely the right medium to achieve its goal.

Let Influencer marketing be in your driver seat and enjoy the growth along with it.

Now that we have covered what Influencer marketing is and what role it is playing presently. Influencer marketing can not be done without influencers.

But,** finding and selecting the efficient influencers is not an easy job.** It can take lots of time plus resources and in this ever changing or unstable world, you can’t wait. If you have your own  proficient  team for this, then well and good.

But if not, then I will suggest you to shake hands with the platforms which provide you the best service not only in finding right influencers but also in content designing. influencer marketing platform

Famstar, the best influencer marketing platform will help you get rid of confusion in selecting influencers and also help you generate ROI and designing attractive content. This platform brings the influencers and Brands to a place. There they can fulfill their requirements.

Now when we have discussed problems regarding Influencers, let’s proceed to know different campaigns which can be run by Influencers to maximize the result.

Go For Sponsored Posts/Blogs:

Sponsored posts or blogs are the most commonly used campaign of advertisement these days.

You must have come across some posts on social media like Instagram written “ sponsored’’. It is being faithful to the followers to reveal with which brand they are collaborating. Transparency is the key to a healthy relationship.

Sponsored posts are a kind of Investment, which help the Influencers in their work. They need investment and you want promotion.  

For Example, to organize an event like IPL which is the biggest celebrating festival in India, the organizers need a huge amount of investment. So, a company like VIVO comes ahead and sponsors the Event. You see IPL 20221 Sponsored by VIVO  everywhere. It helps the company in spreading its brand awareness and growing sales.

This sponsorship can be done at a small scale with the Micro and macro influencers.

You can use this type of Marketing in two ways. Either you ask the Influencers to sponsor the post on your site/account or on theirs or try both. Influencers have the Magnetic force which will bring the audience wherever they go. influencer marketing platform

Go For Giveaway and Sweepstakes Marketing:

This is one of the most amazing ways of Campaigning. It attracts the public most because they can win or get free products from the contents which take nothing much in return. Of course, who doesn’t like free gifts?

In this contest you can ask your audience through influencers to take some actions like tag a friend, share the post, bring followers and  many more. Because it is beneficial for followers too, it will catch their attention immediately.

Contests usually help in building close relationships. There, they interact with you indirectly.

Make sure the contest is fair and doesn’t involve any controversy because then it can spread a negative image about your brand. The prize of the contest should also be fair and attractive.

Go For Unboxing and Reviews Marketing Campaign:

How amazed and excited you feel when you get a surprise?

The Feeling of  ” WOW! I am so happy!” is ineffable. And when the gift is of your choice or from your favorite brands. You don’t want to put your legs on land.

You want to tell your people or followers and  show your excitement. Until you tell them how happy you are, you feel restless. And there you make a video or click pictures of the beautiful gift and post on your social media accounts.

Influencers are also human beings, so how can they stop themselves expressing their excitement?

Unboxing and reviews campaigns are  powerful ways in attracting your audience as well as helpful in sending each and every basic information about the product. Influencers  present your product before the audience in a cheerful way.

New businesses just have to send its product to influencers attractively packed. Also, you need to give them information about the product, if you are a new business.

When  they are impressed with your product, they make an unboxing video and also share their reviews on the product. This work is voluntary. You can’t ask or force them to make the video and post it.

If your product seems nice to them and they are happy to get it, they will singingly will do it. As they too can’t lose their followers presently a cheap product. influencer marketing platform

Go For Affiliate Marketing Campaign:

Affiliate marketing is a type of Influencer Marketing where you pay commission  to the websites or bloggers who have affiliated your link on their websites or accounts.

You pay the commission on each click or sales. They work as an agent for you.

They recommend the public your product and when the purchase is made through those links, they want their payment as a commission.

In this way you both get benefited. It is a cost effective influencer marketing because you have to pay on each sale or click, so at least you know it is not being wasted.

Go For Brand Ambassador Plan:

Celebrities are the top level influencers. They have billions of followers on their social media accounts. That’s why they have a significant effect on their followers.

We all know how crazy people are after their favorite celebrities.

They represent your brand or product before their followers according to the contract and frequently post about your brand on their social media accounts and that’s how they increase brand awareness and sales of your product.

Virat kohli, one of the most valued celebrities of India is Brand ambassador of many brands like Myntra, Puma, Mobile Premier League(MPL), MRF Tyres etc. influencer marketing platform

Go For Guest Blogging/Posting:

Being a guest and blogging on others’ websites is beneficial in attracting traffic on your own website. Although it seems you are benefiting others, sometimes benefiting others can be more profitable for you.

As your influencers have  your audience, if you publish a high quality blog on the relevant websites which have large trafficking already have chances of bringing more traffic to your own site.

This is a simple yet authentic source of spreading awareness of your brand. You also can accept entries for blogging on your website. This works for you as well as the website which accepted your entries.

Go For Running Social Media Takeover:

Through collaborating with Influencers, you can ask them to use your social media accounts. They will speak to your audience and help you increase your brand awareness.

This is most commonly done on snapchat and instagram. They use your social media platforms to create and share Contents. It gives new energy and  a boost to your brand awareness campaign.

Letting them take over your account also can help you grow your followers, as their followers will start following you.

Final Thoughts:

Every business has their long term goals and for that they plan all the things. Producing is just not enough to sell your product in the Market. It requires efficient Marketing.

Your product is the best, nonetheless it will not sell high if people are not aware about it.

Influencer Marketing is no doubt a powerful way to market your product or promote your brand. But it gives you wonderful results when you plan it well. influencer marketing platform


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