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Wed, Nov 18, 2020

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With the growing trend of influencers on social media, the influencer marketing industry is becoming a mainstream marketing. The social media influencers, dispersed in a wide range of niches, have now become crucial in connecting niche audiences to brands. influencer marketing platform For the food industry, in particular, influencer marketing is playing a key role with its whopping 80% share in this domain. Food influencer marketing is on the rise. And so is the need for restaurants to connect with the right food influencer to reach their target audience. If you’re wondering what is a food influencer, it’s typically a food-enthusiast who has authority, specialized knowledge, and insight into the food industry. Their pre-existing online presence with regards to food makes them extremely useful for brands in the food & beverage industry who are in search of credibility online.

Influencer Marketing for Restaurants

Reports suggest that 8 out of 10 restaurants shut down within 18 months of their launch. Today, just having a sound business model and quality service is not enough to thrive in the competitive market. Restaurants need word-of-mouth marketing to generate brand awareness and enhanced visibility. And the influencer marketing food industry is the solution. For some years now, foodie culture is lighting social media on fire. Many content creators post pictures of tempting food and share their recipes with their audience. #foodporn has grown into a buzzword with over 200 hundred million and countless mentions on Instagram alone. Food influencers, from posting the first sip of their morning coffee to the luxurious dinner date in a five-star, keep their audience engaged with their tantalizing pictures and mouthwatering content. They have a community of followers who are passionate about food and rely on their expertise for food recommendations. influencer marketing platform

In the influencer marketing food industry, Restaurants benefit highly by partnering with food influencers for brand promotions. These influencers effortlessly integrate food brands into their content and make restaurants the topic of conversation among their followers. So, instead of showing a boring ad, restaurants get to tell stories through restaurant influencer marketing that help them enhance brand awareness and earn audience loyalty.

Food influencer marketing helps brands turn their food cuisines and delicacies into creative social media content. Thus, creating better brand-consumer relationships resulting in increased business revenue. But, as with any other influencer marketing campaign, selecting the right food influencer is the key to successful campaign outcomes for food companies. Because of these reasons, food brands looking for influencers must be careful while looking for influencers to represent their brand image.

Food Influencer Platform

The most important aspect of influencer marketing for restaurants is to find the right influencers for the campaigns. Finding an ideal food influencer to represent a brand can be a daunting process. It involves a multi-step procedure from selecting the right influencer to calculating the cost, tracking, managing the influencer campaigns, among other things. Food influencer platforms promote time and resource efficiency along with the evaluation of performance metrics, giving them an optimal picture of the end result of a campaign.

food influencer platform A reliable food influencer platform helps brands connect with relevant influencers. to help them collaborate and work on the best food influencer campaigns. Influencers act as their brand voice, delivering results that actually make a difference. FamStar is one such influencer marketing platform that specializes in influencer marketing for restaurants. influencer marketing platform

When it comes to influencer marketing for food brands, FamStar is a platform that clearly stands out. FamStar has a list of top food influencers in India that shares a passion for food. These influencers have a loyal following of foodies that look for ideas to try in their kitchens or where to go next for a dine out. FamStar specializes in working with micro-influencers that are considered best for influencer marketingrestaurants since restaurants operate in a particular area and have a specific customer segment that micro-influencers target. At FamStar, the philosophy is engagement over reach. They work with influencers that are known for their authenticity, creativity, and relatability. Whether you are a small business or an established brand, FamStar has the right influencers for you that fulfill your business goals while fitting your budget. Partner with them to take your food brand to the top!    


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