Best Travel YouTube Channels in India that you should follow

Sat, Jul 31, 2021

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A lot of you believe that hiking up a hill counts as travelling. Although to some travelling is a reunion with their school buddies or discovering a hidden lake with your better half or maybe swimming beside the colorful vibrant fishes in Bali. Every person has their own definition for travelling and each has a different perspective to the places they discover. If you are aspiring to become a travel vlogger or simply love travelling then don’t forget to hit the subscribe button of these brilliant Travel YouTube Channels in India. influencer marketing platform

~**Varun Vagish, Channel: **Varun Vagish

Varun left his job to become a full-time travel Vlogger. You can see his love for travelling with the videos he posts. He also posts tricks and tips for other travellers especially if they have a budget for travel. He was awarded the “National Tourism Award” by the Government for his contribution to tourism in India. Varun VagishVarun Vagish **~Ayush Dinker, Channel: **Etheralcolourfilms

In his channel, you can find a combination of fact-finding information and storytelling of the various history of the places that he visits in India. You will get to know about the distinctive culture in India through his videos. EtheralcolourfilmsAyush Dinker

~Sudesh Kumar, Channel: Social Sudo

He quit his graphic designing job to become a full-time travel Vlogger. His channel’s motto is “Smiling, Travelling and Spreading Peace” Social Sudo ~Kritika Goel, Channel: Kritika Goel

Hailing from Vellore, Tamil Nadu she started her channel in the year 2017. She loves to travel and discover hidden places. She has travelled across India as well as countries like the USA, Dubai, Hong Kong and many more. Kritika GoelKritika Goel **~Saravana Kumar, Channel: **indianmotion

He is a travel Vlogger, blogger, travel photographer as well. He has travelled to places including Kinnaur, Spiti Valley, Todnam, Bhabha Valley, Ladakh, Manali, Pin Valley and many, many more! Saravana KumarSaravana Kumar **~Tanya Khanijow, Channel: **Tanya Khanijow

She is a travel enthusiast who loves to travel solo and capture beautiful experiences to share with her lovely audience. She is also a travel film-maker. You should follow her for her style of photography and her interesting video content. Tanya KhanijowTanya Khanijow **~Nishit Sharma, Channel: **Hopping Bug

He is a video content creator whose motto is “Travel. Learn. Inspire” He started his channel in 2016 and has travelled to Goa, Kerala, Sikkim, and many more cities in India Nishit SharmaNishit Sharma **~Prakriti Varshney, Channel: **Prakriti Varshney

She is a 25-year-old travel enthusiast from New Delhi, India. She prefers travelling solo. She is inspired by beautiful places and she makes it a point to visit them. Prakriti VarshneyPrakriti Varshney **~Rohith Ashok, Channel: **Rohith Ashok

Rohith Ashok is a travel YouTuber and blogger from Chennai, Tamil Nadu with a liking for adventures and motorbikes. He quit his job as a corporate lawyer to become a full-time traveller. He shares his travel stories through his blog, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook about places, people, cultures and food. Rohith AshokRohith Ashok **~Deepanshu Sangwan, Channel: **Nomadic Indian

Deepanshu Sangwan is a travel enthusiast and Vlogger from India. He identifies himself from different parts of India including New Delhi, Bikaner, Mumbai and Chandigarh. He started his travel channel in May 2017 and since then he has travelled to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Iran, Armenia, Russia and many, many more countries. Deepanshu SangwanDeepanshu Sangwan Final Thoughts

If you want to build a career in Travel Vlogging then follow these top 10 Travel YouTube Channels in India. Learn from their journey and mistakes. Travel Influencers or rather a travel vlogger is an amazing niche for you to earn extra revenue today. Equipping yourself with different skills such as Photography, Video Editing and Writing skills will fetch you a bright career. influencer marketing platform


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