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Sat, Jan 23, 2021

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One of the best things that came up in recent times is Pinterest, a visual discovery engine. So many inspiring ideas with billions of Pins on Pinterest. These Pins vary from recipes, beauty, home décor to style. However, finding something in quick time is like finding a needle from a haystack, especially when it comes to last-minute fashion inspiration.

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To make it easier for you, we did thorough research and found the best of the best Pinterest had to offer in terms of fashion influencers. Let’s check out the best influencer on Pinterest and solve your fashion troubles:

  1. Lauren Santo Domingo

Co-founder of Moda Operandi, a luxury startup, Lauran Santo Domingo is a known Pinterest user with more than 3,200 pins. Her boards are full of inspiring clothes and fashion choices. She was also named Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed list in 2012.

Lauren Santo Domingo 2.  Peter Som

Peter Som, one of the loved fashion bloggers on Pinterest, is known to showcase the variety of things he likes. Pink, florals and his love for featuring other designers work on his Pins is what makes him unique. Peter Som 3.  Emily Schuman

A Pinterest board full of food, clothes and people inspire her, Emily Schuman is so much more than just one of the most loved fashion bloggers on Pinterest. She is a published blogger and one of the most loved bloggers. Must follow her if you want to learn a thing or two about fashion, marketing and brand building.

Emily Schuman 4.  Katie Rodgers

If you love elegant illustration and stationery as much as you love a great dress, check out Katie Rodger’s board and you will surely fall in love with her.

Katie Rodgers 5.  Hopscotch & Grace

Australian blogger Rachel has a sweet spot for all that is “chic and lovely.” Be sure to check out her boards for black and white clothing, fashion editorials and street style. influencer marketing platform

6.  Nina Garcia

Marie Claire fashion director and Project Runway judge, Nina Garcia is the one to follow if you want to be the first to know what is the hottest trend on the runway.

Nina Garcia 7.  Jenni Radosevich

DIY-lovers adore her with her diverse collection of clothing, accessories, and party accessories you can recreate yourself. Jenni Radosevich 8.  Warby Parker

With Warby Parker, you will have the best of beach style, geometric accessories and feminine details. Her Pins are loved by the beach-goers across the world.

Warby Parker 9.  Moorea Seal

This accessories designer puts together an amazing collection of style for everything in your life, down to your swimsuits, your hats, earmuffs, and headpieces, and even your kitchen objects.

Moorea Seal 10.  Kate Spade

Kate’s fashion label’s Pinterest board is perfectly on brand, capturing what it means to live, travel and dress colorfully. It’s just how she presents her fashion choices to the world.

11.  Kimberly Pesch

Kimberly Pesch is the blogger behind eat.sleep.wear and she has great taste in fashion, be it eyewear, clothing or accessories. On top of it, she shows her own closet as well on her board. Kimberly Pesch 12.  Simone Bridges Oliver

It’s no surprise that the online fashion editor of The New York Times, has a great eye for Fashion. With boards designated to cobalt, neoprene and the backs of garments, though trendy accessories are our favorites.

Simone Bridges Oliver 13.  Katja Anderson

Writer Katja Anderson has a good eye for fashion and she has boards dedicated specifically to photographers like David Bailey and Irving Penn, including their work.

14.  Mark Sikes

A self-described creative retail consultant and interior designer, Mark Sikes is dedicated to all things chic: chic women, chic men and chic couples. influencer marketing platform 15.  Anthropologie

When you land on Anthropologie’s Pinterest page, it’s like walking into one of its stores or opening up one of its catalogues. It’s full of inspiring matter that fits into its rich and graceful aesthetic.

16.  Kristen Vinakmens

The editor in chief of Cosmetics magazine has more pins than anyone on this list – nearly 15,000 – and somehow, they’re all good. Be sure to follow her boards for hats, eyewear and fashion photography.

17.  Dree Harper

The stylist and Refinery29 contributor’s Pinterest will make you explore for hours and once you’re done, you will feel like redecorating your house after seeing the rich explosion of colors. Dree Harper 18.  Julianne Carell

The Pinterest boards of Julianne Carell, a freelance beauty assistant at Glamour, are full of great finds in fashion, jewelry and, of course, beauty.

19.  Tory Burch

If you love beautiful, classic style fashion, follow her official Pinterest page. You’ll get a preview of the brand’s new looks, and a peek into what excites its designers.

20.  Kate @ Wit + Delight

So many pretty patterns, art directions and tattoos that you will want to redo a lot of stuff around your life. Kate Arends’ boards are unique and something out of the box, which you will not find everywhere. Surely one to check out!

Some more…

The fashion industry has grown over the years as the trends have evolved. From bell bottom, low-waist jeans to jeggings and leather skirts, fashion in the 21st Century has seen so many drastic and quick changes that it is so difficult to keep up with everything. With the rise of Pinterest as a platform, it has broadened the horizon for the fashionistas across the globe. The above-mentioned bloggers are some of the finest this platform has to offer and many more will come and join the ranks after getting inspiration from them. influencer marketing platform


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