How brands can make money through influencers

Thu, Jun 24, 2021

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The digital era has evolved like crazy. Perhaps, if ask our grandparents today about Which is the best way to market their brand?” They would probably talk about offline mode of marketing such as posters, catalogues, free products, word of mouth. If we ask the same question to our parents they would say “Emails, website, Myspace, and so on.” However, in this 21st-century marketing has no boundaries. If you want the people to know about your new cafe. All you got to do is post a picture on Instagram with appropriate hashtags and caption.

Just like the people, brands have also evolved. Now, we have different segments in brands as well. We have Service brands, Value brands, Personal brands, Activist brand, Global brand, Event brand and many more. Well maybe if I say Starbucks instead of Global Brand or The Body Shop in place of Activist brand or even Ted Talks in place of the Event brand, you would relate much better. Each of these brands has its unique products and unique marketing strategies.

These brands used to hire Celebrities or Sports Celebrities to market their brand. When I ask you about the Slice juice ad, you would remember the actress Katrina Kaif or the Myntara you would remember the Indian Cricket Captain Virat Kohli. In business terms, this is called Celebrity Endorsement and it’s done to Create Brand Loyalty. This trend went on for quite some time and some brands got innovative. For instance, “Starbucks promote their brand by asking its customers to take a picture of their coffee cup if their name is written wrong.” Now you know why they always get your name wrong.

In this digital era, people love to learn stories about common people because it is inspiring and real. I will connect more to a random teenager named John talking about the new game in the market than any celebrity. Why? Because in this internet world people tend to get fake and the youth connects with people who are messy and not perfect. We understood messy is real because of influencers.

Thank God for social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Tik Tok, YouTube, and many more for introducing this concept of influencers. The whole point of marketing is influencing their product to a larger audience and brands can achieve this with the use of influencers.

Although in a study conducted by Big Commerce, Instagram is the most preferred platform for influence marketing It is pretty much evident that the influencers would make money but how would the Brands benefit?

When you associate your brand with famous niche influencers, both parties are benefitted. Sure with the use of influencers you are earning money one cannot fathom and all you got to do is pay a commission to the influencers. However, that’s not only the benefit. They are far more aspects in ways your brand could indirectly earn money.

#Create Brand Awareness Quickly:

Influencers already have a good social media presence and they have a great command over their audience. If your goal is to create brand awareness, it can be achieved by just associating your brand with such influencers. This is the best way to invest rather than paying for ads which may not really lead to great conversions. You save money, time and resources.

#Hire the influencers of your Brand niche:

If you want to build a brand for your game then CarryMinati is the best option. Today, in India if you need to promote your game then he is your guy. His audience consists of the youth, potential investors and everyone from the gaming community. If you associate your brand with him, your game would be famous in a minute and who knows maybe your potential investor could invest for your brand to grow.

According to a study, 91% of the brands associated with influencers for luxury products on Instagram at a Global level. This portrays the need for influencers that matches up your brand niche #Build your brand name:

You can conduct campaigns with influencers based on the audience you want to target. For example, Adidas made use of influence marketing and they focussed on the younger audience with the campaign name #My Neo Shoot Contest.

#Repeated Cycle:

Suppose you chose a fashion blogger for your New Label and she posts certain hacks on Instagram. Now let’s say a rookie influencer wants to grow her page. She would be ready to promote your product or service for free. Therefore, you are getting a bigger audience and more conversion rate.

#Free of cost:

Certain influencers have a small audience and if your brand is at a growing stage and you want to check if your product really works then these influencers would promote your product for free. These influencers just want an experience or guidance and are more than willing to market it for free.

In the end, Influence marketing is growing and all the brands have got to do is find the best influencer that matches up to your brand style and someone who can tell a story with your product. Definitely, your brand can grow and earn whopping money with no time and low investment. All you got to do is look for the right people!


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