How do influencers connect with Brands?

Tue, Jun 29, 2021

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The word “Brand” has a very strong feel to it. It has evolved from Bajaj Lighting ad commercial, “Jab Mein Chota ladkha tha, Badi shararat Karta tha, Meri chori pakdi jaati, Jab Roshan Hota Bajaj, Ab Mein Bhilkul Budha hoon, Goli Kha Kar jeeta hoon, Lekin Aaj Bhi Ghar Ke Andar Roshni hoota Bajaj”  to Nerolac Paints ad commercial “***Jab Tak Ghar ki Raunak Bhadani ho.. Deewaron ko sab sajana ho… Nerolac, Nerolac”  ***

Gradually, the world got introduced to Social Media to connect with people and today most of the brand campaigns are held online! In this busy rumble of our lives, we have shifted from normal toothbrush to electric brushes, newspapers to threads on E-News apps and the list goes on. There is no place that digitalization has taken place.

The whole purpose of digitalization was to make life easy for people. Especially, with the development of social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, and Linkedin, people are displaying their talent online. The most amazing part is that the percentage of people liking their content was absolutely massive. Brands thought of making use of these creator’s work to market their brand. With that thought, the creator’s started asking revenues for the work they do and that’s how the world started calling these people “Influencers”

Influencer Marketing will keep growing in the upcoming future especially after the Pandemic, brands have no choice but to absolutely rely on Influencer Marketing. Some people think that influencer marketing is pretty easy but that’s actually a pretty big misconception. It’s actually easy to connect with someone when you stand face-to-face with them. Connecting to people when you can’t maintain that eye contact and then persuading them to try a new product, now that’s a challenge. It definitely takes patience and practice for the influencers to understand their audience. At times even a supreme influencer may not be able to hook the audience well. Anything can happen then why do brands really like influencer marketing?

  1. Influencers can reach your target audience easily.
  2. Influencers already have an online presence. They know what they are doing!
  3. Influencer Marketing leads to Specific Brand Targeting.
  4. Influencer Marketing does not require a lot of resources.
  5. You can find so many influencers.

As the above line mentions, it is easy for a brand to find many influencers. The main reason why certain brand campaigns fail is that brands do not hire the right influencers and vice versa.  So even if there is an abundance of influencers brands do not tend to choose the right influencer.

Choosing the right influencer is really essential as you as a brand want to target a specific audience consequently your influencer should also have an online presence of those specific target audience. Imagine if you ask a Sports Influencer from Delhi to endorse your brand when your target audience is actually London. It would be a total disaster and the wastage of resources is the cherry on the top of the cake.

Likewise, there are multiple brand campaigns ranging from a small brand to a high level of brands for an influencer to choose from. The challenges an influencer faces is

  1. Choosing the right brand campaign according to their niche
  2. Building mutual relationships.
  3. Guaranteed Payment
  4. The credibility of new brands venturing into the market.

Now, your question is How do Influencers connect with Brands?

Is it by Posting an Ad on Social Media? Or Do they wait like princesses for their Prince Charming to make their life beautiful? The answer is neither!

#Join LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a community influencers can follow the brands of their niche and keep seeing any posts related to their campaigns. You can also join an Influencer Community so that you can build your network with other influencers as well. The only problem with LinkedIn is that you need to manually look for brands and that would waste a lot of time. Though this is not really feasible it is definitely an option for you to consider as you can join communities and get aware of what is actually trending in influencer marketing.


Most of the brand campaigns happen on Instagram and if you as an influencer want to target the youth then Instagram is the platform for you. Grow your page on Instagram and if you feel that your work would help a brand then send them a sample of your work. I think the best part of Instagram is that you can be super casual and yet put your point across clearly and let’s not forget the star of the platform “Hashtags” Yes! Believe it or not, but if a brand requires a food blogger from Delhi, then all they have to do is type #BloggersofDelhi or similar hashtags. Though there is a catch, the chances of a brand discovering your profile are very low. Although, you can always grow your page on Instagram so that you have a portfolio to show!

#Join Influencer Marketing Platforms:

Connecting through Social Media Platforms such as Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat may not work for every influencer. Sometimes it’s by mere luck that you may get an amazing offer. Even then there is this question of verification and credibility that brands seek from influencers and there is this question of guaranteed payment that an influencer seeks from brands. An influencer marketing platform solves these problems for you.

We are Famstar and we have the best solution to every influencer and brand’s dilemma.

Through Famstar brands can post details about their current brand campaign requirements such as the influencer’s follower rate, geographic location, age, gender, what type of influencer do they require for their brand, their budget, and the type of posts they will require and in what social media handles do they want the influencer to post.

The influencers that match up to the brand campaign requirements can contact the brand and once, the sole authority behind the brand campaign agrees to work with the influencer, the influencer would be paid within 24 hours. Thus, this solves the problem of verification for the brands and the problem of guaranteed payment for the influencers.

Final Thoughts

Connecting with Brands can be a challenge but with Influencer Marketing Platforms such as Famstar, you can easily connect with brands and the content you make is safe as you never have to work for free. It is true that there are many other Influencer Marketing Platforms; nevertheless, Famstar is the Best Influencer Marketing Platform in India that promises something new for brands as well as Influencers.


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