How do influencers make money on Instagram?

Thu, Jun 24, 2021

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Instagram is the most popular social media platform in this 21st Century. Initially, people used Instagram just for entertainment. Gradually, people started using this platform for influencer marketing. Many influencers started curating their content and grew their online presence and after having the monetization tool from Instagram, more influencers joined Instagram to curate engaging content and earn as well.

What is Influencer Marketing?

It is a type of social media marketing where brands make use of influencers to create content or endorse their products online. The main reason why Brands prefer Influence Marketing is because the influencers already have a well-established online presence. Moreover, having the ability to curate engaging content is the main reason why brands prefer Influence Marketing.

Which are the main niche influencers that you can find on Instagram?

Travel: People that love to wander upon the road with no plan ahead are the best description for travel bloggers. Although, you should be able to click capture-worthy photographs as well. On Instagram, travel bloggers usually click pictures and post on either their stories or as a post carousel.

Food: Instagram is every foodie’s destination. You can see that there are thousands of food bloggers around your locality. In fact, being a local food blogger is always good as all local businesses would prefer you rather than anyone else.

Fitness: If you are crazy about workouts and finding the neck on motivating yourself and others to work out. Then fitness vlogger is something you should think about.

Fashion: Ever since Instagram came with this concept of Reels, fashion bloggers have made the best use of it. From trending outfits to tips and tricks to style your body, you name it, you will find it all.

Beauty: The beauty bloggers provide really cool beauty tips or hacks to follow which are loved by millions of people worldwide.

Many brands have shifted towards hosting Brand Campaigns on Instagram. Thus, paving the way for Influencers to earn revenue.

Now your question is, how can you really earn money as an influencer on Instagram?

Well, the answer is as easy as posting a video. Yes! You read that right! But before that let me explain a little about influencers.

Who are influencers?

Influencers are those people who have a close-knit connection with their audience where they talk about a specific topic of their niche. They either post a blog, or videos to engage with their audiences and the audience believes whatever the influencer says.

Today, we have different influencers connecting with their audience in a unique manner. Every industry has an influencer, be it Music, Travel, Technology, Food, Art, Fashion, Beauty and many more. The list goes on and on. Each of these industries has adapted to using social media as a tool and building communities for more and more people to join.

How should one start their influencer journey?

Step 1: Discover the best social media platform for you.

Step 2: Find out your niche.

Step 3:Research a little bit about the industry you want to touch- Music, Dance, Travel, or Fashion

Step 4:Curate an original content

Step 5: Get feedback from your audience.

Step 6: Keep doing it until you make it big.

The above steps do not seem like Rocket science. It seems interesting and fun and all you got to do is post and be consistent to make it big! Now you all are slightly convinced to be an influencer, though just like every company policy has a T&C, you all are doubtful about earning money from being an influencer.

Don’t worry we at Famstar have laid down awesome ways for you to earn your revenue on Instagram.

#Affiliate Marketing Link:

Add an affiliate marketing link on your Instagram Bio so that you get a commission based on the sales conversion. You can also join certain Affiliate Marketing Programmes for further Revenue.


Collaborating with other influencers is another way to earn not just revenue but build your audience as well. Sometimes people may get bored with the content that you curate and that’s the time for you to change your strategy by collaborating with other influencers that needn’t even be of your niche.

#Brand Ambassador

Honestly, a sponsored promotion will pay you temporarily although brands always look for long term sponsorship, so if you find a brand of your niche then become a brand ambassador for these brands.

#Sponsored Promotion Posts:

Curating binge-worthy content for brands that drive sales for their product is another way for you to earn revenue. Your content could be either a video or Posts Carousel, or even something for a story. Besides, you can always ask for your commission based on the sales traffic and the following rate.

What criteria should you as an influencer consider before charging your rate?

**Follower Count: **You can charge based on follower count although this shouldn’t be the main criteria that you should consider

**Engagement Rate: **You can calculate your engagement rate by dividing the average number of likes, comments by the follower count. This rate should be the major criteria for you to charge your fees. Having a professional or Business account gives you access to insights so you can track your engagement rate very easily.

**Content Quality: **If you feel that the quality of the content that you will provide is good, then don’t hesitate to ask a hefty amount. These days, many brands are hosting campaigns with the creator’s content that are used in magazines, billboards, or even commercials.

**Demographics: **If a brand is looking for an influencer who has a local audience, then this is your chance to ask an extra rate.

**Talent Fee: **If you are a travel blogger and also good at photo editing then you can charge for the extra work that you would be providing.

In the end, influencer marketing is growing worldwide. today, if you think you can give something different to the world with the content you create then don’t second guess yourself. Start your content creation journey by strategizing your growth and earning from Instagram.


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