How influencer marketing is similar to word-of-mouth?

Tue, Jun 1, 2021

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Now, in the world of advanced technology and high use of the internet, everybody knows the power of social media. Social media has given rise to influencer marketing and word-of-mouth as well. The control of influencer marketing is multidimensional and affects different features for a success of a brand such as an audience engagement, exposure, customer loyalty, conversions, reputation, and others. But many people and brands are confused about influencer marketing and word-of-mouth, similarities, and differences. Hence, in this post, we are giving an overview of how influencer marketing is similar to word-of-mouth.

# Influencer Marketing

At present, influencer marketing is counted amongst the most effective digital marketing tactics to influence and enter the circle of potential customers. These people are loyal communities as your brand is introduced to them by an individual they trust already. In impacting the buying decision, customer loyalty is the primary factor mainly in times of a recession, when doubt toward the future is in the air. Therefore, that’s why it’s so crucial for companies to invest in influencer marketing because it is great for SEO as well.

# Word-of-Mouth Marketing

There’s nothing new about the influence of word-of-mouth marketing. Many years ago as well, word-of-mouth was a common practice to select a product service provider based on information from other persons. This has been the main method of discussing and telling all matters of importance and unimportance in groups all across the world for centuries. Furthermore, with the passage of time, the internet has completely transformed how we use word-of-mouth messaging as a way of marketing.

In simple words, Word-of-Mouth marketing means passing information from person to another. For example, the customers buy your product, they tell their friends and families about it and sometimes share their experience on various social platforms as well.

# Influencer Marketing and Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Influencer marketing and word-of-mouth marketing are pretty similar. The only difference is that the promoters used by both are different but do a similar job. Word-of-mouth marketing can be done by any random person and brands get theirloyal customers. Though, Influencer marketing has the capability to influence more people as compared to the word of mouth marketing.

Social media has become an essential part of people’s lives, and an important way for brands to connect with their potential and existing customers. Influencer marketing is praiseworthy for creating brand awareness amongst the viewers. It uses the paid and unpaid content produced by online users to endorse or recommend a product or a brand. Also, it adds trustworthiness and genuineness to your marketing message.

Influencer marketing use social proof and digital word-of-mouth marketing which are significant pillars of any effective marketing strategy. Today, a high percentage of customers depend on influencer references for their buying decisions. While others are influenced by a recommendation when shopping in a store. So, a large part of digital word-of-mouth marketing is patrons sharing content that the company made available to them.

# Final Words

As there are many benefits of influencer marketing such as brand awareness, increasing leads, and others but that doesn’t reject the fact that word of mouth still prevails. Word-of-mouth is there and influencer marketing encourages it even more. It occurs when an existing purchaser shares his or her opinion about a brand or spreads the word based on their experience genuinely. Therefore, influencer marketing can be considered just an amplified version of word of mouth.


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