How Long A Social Media Post Lasts At Different Platforms

Fri, Nov 26, 2021

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We live in a world where everything is brittle and has an average longevity. We are always curious to know the lifespan of each and everything- living or nonliving.

Everyone who is using social media for their marketing strategy wants to know how long social media posts are impactful and last on social media like twitter, Instagram etc.

We think what if our posts on social media at a time or consistently can make our audience feel bored or bombarded with. It may lose the effectiveness of the posts and our audience may lose interest in our posts. They also can unfollow us when being so bothered. influencer marketing platform

Also, if we don’t post frequently, we can disappear on social media and that may either result in losing our followers or harm the bond.

So it becomes necessary for us to know what is the lifespan of a social media post as well as what should be the frequency of posting on different social media platforms.

This article is all about the lifespan of social media posts.

Let’s start.

What is the Lifespan of posts on different social media platforms?


Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms. It has changed a lot in the past few years. It gives you space for interacting with your friends, relatives and your audience.

On a social media platform like facebook, the average lifespan of a post in 5-6hours. A study depicted that around 75 percent of engagement on a post happens in the first** 2-3 hours**. Millions of pictures are posted every day and average pictures can be seen by a person is around 300.

So posting 2-3 posts daily** will be enough for effective communication and that will not bother your audience also.**

~INSTAGRAM**:- **Instagram was acquired by facebook in 2012. Its popularity has been increasing drastically. The new feature of making reels has added its value and popularity. People are making creative, entertaining and informative reels and increasing their reach.

According to a survey an average spending time of a user is around 30min a day which was just 4min in 2019.

The life span of an instagram post is almost** 48 hours**. So **one post a day** will be justifiable for the users. If you use relevant and high searching hashtags, they can increase your engagement rate.

Instagram is popularly used for scrolling work so your post or reel must be attractive and informative  and of a high quality to catch the attention of the users in a glance. influencer marketing platform

**TWITTER:- **The lifespan of a post on twitter is the shortest of all the social media platforms. If you use it, you notice that you are thrown with a number of tweets in a few minutes. It always gets flooded with new tweets. According to a search the average lifespan of a tweet is between 15 to 18minutes.

Brands use twitter for frequent posts. You can post on twitter more frequently than compared to any other social media. Around** 6 to 8 posts a day** will be sound on twitter.

You can also retweet your tweets to make them reach a number of people.

~LINKEDIN**:- **Linkedin is quite like twitter in posting but the lifespan of linkedin is longer than it. The average lifespan of a post on linkedin is almost**  24hours**.

Linkedin is a group of professionals, it gives opportunities for hiring and getting employed. Unlike other social media platforms, people do not post frequently there.

Your engagement rate on linkedin is higher when you post regularly but you need not bombarded your followers with lots of posts. One post a day will be sensible on linkedin. influencer marketing platform

~YOUTUBE**:- **Youtube is more like a search engine than a social media. Its post has a longer lifespan. The average lifespan for a youtube post is almost** 20days or a month**.

On youtube you can post a video once a week. You need to have interaction with your audience regularly. You can schedule your time for posts on youtube.

For a higher rate of engagement on youtube, you need to update about the post on your other social media too. If your posts or contents are of high quality and to educate people they can have a high engagement rate.

You can also get higher engagement by using powerful but relevant hashtags.

~SNAPCHAT**:- **Snapchat is well known for its story feature. Although snaps do not last longer, then disappear in seconds once you see them. But this is not the case with snap stories, they can be seen upto 24hours if the user wants.

Snaps are quick to disappear. There is another characteristic of snap is that it either can be popular in no time or disappear for good.

Brands can promote themselves or their products through the thread of stories.

~PINTEREST**:- **Pinterest also works like a search engine. Once you pin a post it will be shown on the user’s feed. According to a study, Pinterest posts have a high longevity of at least** 4 months**.

For getting high engagement you need to use some specific keywords for your pins, so that the user can search them and get later whenever he requires.

**FINAL THOUGHTS:- **Apart from understanding the lifespan and frequency of posts on all social media platforms, you need to understand that your content or post should be designed creatively so that it conveys the right message to the right audience.

Famstar, the best influencer marketing platform can help you in designing your contents and posts creatively and also will help you in your social media campaigns for promoting your brand and product effectively.

I hope this article has given you a clear understanding about the number of posts you need to share to get a high engagement rate and drive you to the public.

Thank you!:) influencer marketing platform


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