How to be an Influencer full time?

Sat, Jul 10, 2021

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You all might have heard about “Influencer Marketing” from a friend of yours or from a short video on YouTube. You might have seen a video of “Things Father Do” curated by the  **FilterCopy**YouTube Channel. In this video, you can see the father using the loco app. I believe they have a particular style that no one can beat and they usually create content that captivates the younger audience.

FilterCopy was one of the Channels by this Digital Entertaining Company called “Pocket Aces’ ' which was founded by Mr Ashwin Suresh, Mr Anirudh Pandita and Ms Aditi Shrivastava. The sole idea behind their company was to create shareable content and that’s how FilterCopy came into existence. When you think about FilterCopy, “Ayush Mehra” or “Dhruv Sehgal”, or even Kriti Vij These are among the few influencers associated with FilterCopy. Most of the brand campaigns are done by these three. Mr Ashwin Suresh, Mr Anirudh Pandita and Ms Aditi Shrivastava.Mr Ashwin Suresh, Mr Anirudh Pandita and Ms Aditi Shrivastava. What if I told you that they are normal people like you and me? These influencers had a dream and took faith by changing their career line. It is because of their plan, hardwork and creativity that these influencers are famous today.

Social Media has been a blessing to many people. You can see the Gen Z generation becoming open to being a Content Creator, Graphic Designer or Content Writer. They no longer want to choose something mainstream. This generation isn’t impressed by the regular corporate jobs. They want creativity and something that challenges them to be on their toes.

If you are that kid who always doodled during Math Class and you’re wondering on “***How to be an influencer full-time?” ***Then just follow these simple steps

**#Ponder upon your niche: **You should have something different to offer to your audience whether it’s your weird personality or your teenage angst. Decide upon it and remember to choose something original so that the people will find it relatable.

**#Create an account: **Choose the social media platforms based on the content you will curate. Initially, focus on one social media platform. Once, you feel comfortable building your online presence in other social media platforms as well. Luckily, almost all social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat have this inbuilt feature called “Insights” which is available to every Business or Creator’s account. Through Insights you can find out which content your audience relates to the most. You don’t have to be a certified analyst to figure out the analytics of your posts. The insights tool is user-friendly and even a 16 year old kid will be able to understand.

**#Maintain your Page Look: **Choose a particular colour palette that resonates with your personality. You can also choose a pattern for your posts for example having two posts in the corner and a reel in the middle. Although, if you are choosing this pattern then you will have to be really consistent. So choose wisely. Quite, often having pastel colors or aesthetic looks works the best.

**#Be You: **Remember to curate content that displays your personality. Don’t hesitate to show who you are because the audience love originality and they like people who aren’t perfect. Besides, your originality, also maintain your Brand Personality. The audience should be able to figure out with a single post what your page is all about. It’s definitely good to try new things but don’t deviate from your sole Brand Personality.

**#Choose a Budget: **At the end of the day, if you want to be an influencer full-time, you need to earn money. Make a list stating “How much would you need to earn on a monthly basis?” Once you have decided on a budget you can charge your own rate for the sponsored posts. Remember to also include your talent fees while deciding upon the rate you must charge.

#**Track on Growth: **Remember to keep a track of your growth and have a close eye on your followers. Many Brands collaborate with influencers that have a good number of followers and the number of followers you must have also varies from one brand to another. The best way to increase your followers is by posting consistently, go for reels as it has a high engagement rate and don’t forget to collaborate with other influencers.

#**Go with the trend: **There’s nothing wrong with curating content based on the current trend. Infact, posting content based on current trends will lead to more followers and engagement rates. Although, if you are going with a trend make sure to do something different so that you will stand apart from other content creators that are posting something related to the same trend.

**#Research: **There is no harm in researching other content creator’s journeys. Researching about other Content Creators will give you an idea about mistakes you should avoid or what’s the current rate they are charging for the sponsored posts. You can also research to find inspiration or curating content that people want to see.

#**Make a content plan: “An hour of planning can save you from 10 hours of doing”- Dale Carnegie. **Yes, make a content plan and strategize it so that you always have something to offer to brands when you have to collaborate. Making a Content Plan will also keep you aware of the things you need to complete and you can also keep track of elements you need to add or remove. Also, your content plan should be something realistic which you will be able to deliver.

**Final Thoughts: **These are some of the common steps that you must follow to become an influencer full-time. Eventually, have something unique about yourself and keep learning by reading articles or joining communities for content creators to upskill your knowledge about the latest updates. Being a full time influencer will definitely earn you a massive income. All you gotta do is start.

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