How to create beautiful content with the Go Pro Camera?

Mon, Jul 12, 2021

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Every Content Creator works hard to curate content that their audience will love. They work for days to understand what topic they should curate and share. Now, wouldn’t you feel horrible if you don’t get enough views? Wouldn’t you be more furious that the reason you didn’t get many shares is because of “How your video looks?”

Well, if you want to curate content that not only sounds amazing but looks amazing then you should think about buying a GoPro Camera!

Unlike other cameras, the GoPro camera helps video creators to create content that is crystal clear and beautiful too! There are different models for this camera and each of these models has its distinct features.

Are you wondering if GoPro is the same as DSLR?

The answer is no, It’s very much different from your DSLR camera. While DSLR cameras are used for their high-definition photos, Insane clarity of both pictures and videos, good choice of lenses. However, carrying a DSLR can be really heavy and not really convenient for a Content Creator. GoPro cameras are used to capture high and fast-paced videos. GoPro Camera tends to fit in places where DSLR cameras cannot. It is user-friendly as well. Anyone can afford to purchase a GoPro camera. GoPro cameras can be used in so many creative ways and each model has an amazing feature that will help creators to click awe-worthy content. Moreover, GoPro cameras are really good to capture moments from a certain perspective.

In this blog, Famstar- the best influencer marketing platform has laid down the different ways you can create beautiful content with the Go-Pro camera that will make your audience awestruck!

#Live on YouTube: If you want to capture your first Paragliding experience and want to share it with the world immediately. You can connect yourGoPro camera** to the ***GoPro app***that is available both on Android as well as IOS.

To broadcast your video on YouTube live follow these simple steps.

  • Download the GoPro App and connect it with your GoPro camera.
  • Once, you open the app you will see a “Camera’ icon on the top left corner
  • Click on the Camera icon & you will see a blue colour tab that says “Set Live Video”
  • Click on the “Set Live Button” and you will get the option to stream on YouTube Live or Facebook Live.
  • You’re all good to go!

#**Capture your Pet’s goofy moments: No matter where you are from, capturing videos of your pet easily gets amazing engagement. If you want to capture your pet’s goofy moments then this is the best option. You can purchase a GoPro camera created especially for capturing your pet’s moment and attach the camera collar to capture all the goofy moments. One such example is the username @Jiff Pom**on Instagram. You can see this page with amazing cute photos and videos

#**Don’t be afraid to go Underwater: **You can also capture sea life with a GoPro Camera. Before you do that, check if your GoPro model is waterproof. Diving is a life-changing experience and quite clearly you want to capture these moments and save them as a memory. You can attach the GoPro camera to a harness so that it doesn’t slip and the GoPro camera can withstand high pressure.

#**Start your Cooking Vlog: **You can also use the GoPro camera to take close-ups of your cooking videos that will look really professional. People wouldn’t even know that you are shooting from home! You can also curate videos that tell a story and make it a challenge. For example, an omelette flip challenge.

#**Time Lapse Reels: **If you have seen reels that show moments from Sunrise to Sunset. They have actually used the GoPro camera. The sole reason why the GoPro camera works the best for Time Lapse videos is that it can even capture the minute details and the effects are too good as you can apply aesthetic filters. Certain GoPro cameras have an in-built time-lapse feature which makes it even more fun.

#**On the Move Content: **You can also attach the GoPro camera to your bicycle to capture your racing experience. You can set up a timer, say 0.5 seconds before you start your journey. Ensure to properly attach the camera to the bicycle. You are all set to go! The GoPro camera will automatically click the best pictures of you on the move every 0.5 seconds.

#**Attach the camera to your roof: **If you want to capture a video of “How you spend your day?” you can attach the camera to your room-ceiling so it gives a great elevation feel. Aerial Photography is something new and especially interesting. Attaching a DSLR camera to your ceiling can be dangerous, plus you have to manually set the timer. With a GoPro camera, you can connect it to your GoPro phone app and click pictures whenever you need to.

#**Game with it: **You can share your Paintball experience with your friends instantly on your Instagram feed. GoPro cameras have a fisheye lens which gives a wide-angle look that distorts the scene to create a panoramic view of the image. Kind of how you see through a peephole on your door. Many game vloggers use this feature to curate their vlogs. You can’t help but fall in love with it.

#**Capture the sky: **GoPro cameras can also withstand bad weather. So if you want to capture the rain or thunderstorms you can do so with the GoPro camera and it’s also waterproof. The other advantage is that you can control what you want to click with your GoPro app. Perhaps, even make use of the time-lapse feature!

Content Creators can make use of the above methods to capture beautiful content, but of course with the help of certain accessories.

What are the accessories you should purchase?

**#Tripod: **Tripod will be a really good accessory to add to your GoPro camera as you can attach it to your Tripod and leave it for some time to capture time-lapse videos. This way your video will be stable without any blurry effect and of course, you can control what you shoot by connecting the GoPro camera to your phone!

**#Chesty: **This product is basically a body strap that you can attach to your chest to capture a moment of your hiking.

#**Floating Handle: **This kind of resembles your selfie-stick but with an upgrade as you can get an amazing grip. Also, when you throw it underwater, the end layer of it opens into a cushion which allows you to even capture photos or videos underwater with stability.

**Final thoughts: **The GoPro camera that you purchase should fit your lifestyle, then only you can capture breathtaking moments that people will love. Anyone can use this camera to make beautiful content no matter what their niche is. Trust me, a GoPro camera is an amazing tool that every content creator should use.


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