How to Create Captivating Video Content?

Sat, Jul 31, 2021

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Video Content is the best way for you to spread information to a larger audience. Human behaviour is also such that, people will not mind seeing a ten-minute video rather than reading an article. The sole reason being that videos have amazing visuals that capture’s one’s interest. Moreover, you can build a connection with your audience through a video.

Video Content is any form of videos like vlogs, GIF’s, Live videos, Webinars, Customer Testimonials and such are referred to as Video Contents. Today, many companies prefer to hire video creators to curate captivating video content as part of their marketing and advertising strategy.

Why is it essential to create video content for your brand?

In this digital space, entrepreneurs just have to shoot a short video to explain their brand, products or services they deal with. Entrepreneurs can also use video content as a conveyance to share their stories, like the idea behind the company or any personal challenges they conquered to reach where they are today. By sharing personal stories of entrepreneurs, they build a certain connection and understanding amongst the audience which further fuels these audiences to become loyal customers. In these video content, it doesn’t matter what you say but it’s rather the energy and appearance that does matter. From building trust to reaching a larger audience, video content does it all. create video content

Why do people hold back from creating video content?

There are three reasons why people hold back from creating video content.

● People feel weird looking at themselves in front of a camera. It’s actually a psychological effect, you feel something is wrong, but actually, there is nothing wrong.

● Even if you get comfortable with talking in front of a camera, you start hating your voice. Again this is just your insecurities playing a trick on your mind. Your voice may sound different but it’s just a matter of getting used to it.

● You feel lost while talking in front of a camera as in a physical audience you can make out what your audience feels through eye contact. It’s hard when it comes to this virtual presence.

● You don’t have content to share. You can’t find the inspiration to speak or have no idea what to speak about.

If any of these above reasons are holding you back from Creating Captivating Video Content then we at Famstar- the best influencer marketing platform have amazing tricks in store for you.

**#Keep it simple: **Your audience is willing to hear you out but if you bring too many ideas into a single video then your audience will lose interest and stop watching your video. Keep your videos simple and speak slowly. Break your sentences if you must but don’t cluster or put too much information in your video.

**#Context: **If you want to create a video on how to organise you can’t shoot it in a messy room. The audience will simply not believe a thing you say. It will be a big paradox. Every element in your video matters. Make sure to give proper context in your videos so that it registers their mind within few seconds what this video is about.

**#Keep it real: **You have to be yourself to actually connect with your audience. Remember video content is an amazing way for you to build trust amongst your potential customers. So when you aren’t being yourself you are promising something that isn’t real which will eventually be bad for your growth.

**#Unleash your energy: **You can’t have the energy of a sloth if you want people to see your videos. Be passionate while you speak, curating energetic videos impacts your audience. That doesn’t mean you bang your guitar on your background. Maintain a balance, choose appropriate energy for each of your videos depending on the context.

**#Have a Hook line: **A hook is something interesting that happens at the beginning of your video. Your hook should consist of something that your audience can relate to and they would continue to see your video.

**#Takeaways: **Your video should contain solutions. This is the core element of your video content. For example, if your hook line was “Do you want to be a successful content creator?” Then your takeaway would be “Here are 5 things you can do to create beautiful content.”

In layman’s terms, a hook is a problem that you are addressing and a takeaway is your solution for it.

**#Call to Action: **Ending your video with a solution will be incomplete. This isn’t a class presentation where you can type a big “Thank You” and leave. A call to action is something that drives your audience towards a specific goal. Suppose, you want your audience to check your website, then your call to action would be to head over the website to become a successful content creator or start your content creator journey.

**#Ask your audience for content ideas: **If you are out of inspiration then simply ask your audience what do they want to know. Give creative solutions to their problems. Always ask yourself, if you were the audience will your content create any value to the people. If yes, then don’t hesitate to record & post it. If not then fix it!

**#Have fun: **Your goal should be to provide value to your audience but also have fun in the process. People will like your videos only if you are comfortable or rather embracing your true self.

**#Don’t be sales-y: **If you are going to keep talking about yourself then people would switch off their devices. Don’t make it all about you. Add a human element that makes the people want to listen to you.

#**Don’t stick to the script: **Sticking to a script will make your video boring. Take a risk and do something impromptu and trust the process. Keep the narrative in mind but don’t hesitate to do deviate from the script.

Final thoughts: Whether you are promoting a business, a product or a service, video content is one of the most effective ways to get your message across. When you create a video for your brand, whether it is short or long, you are taking the time to make your brand stand out on social media. A lot of businesses use video content to get their name out there, and it is a great way to show people what your business is about. You can post these videos on social media, and you can also post them on your website. Don’t fret and start creating captivating video content.


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