How to get verified on Instagram?

Wed, Jul 21, 2021

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Instagram is an amazing platform for Content Creators & businesses as well. Many of the influencer marketing campaigns are done on Instagram and I am not surprised. Today every kid no matter which country they are a part of, they have an Instagram account. The features of Instagram are so good and addicting that you can’t shift to any other social media platforms.

Instagram has actually become a huge part of our lives indirectly. You are going out with your friends to a new cafe that has just opened up. You click goofy pictures with your friends and post your Instagram story, with filters of course!  Instagram is not only beneficial for people using it for their personal use but also beneficial for content creators and businesses as well. On Instagram one can create three categories of account:- get verified on Instagramget verified on Instagram ****Personal Account-****As the name suggests, here people can create accounts for their personal use. The option is given to the people whether to keep their account Private or Public.

**Creator’s Account- **This account type is for Content Creators no matter what their niche is, they can curate and post content relating to the same. Another cool feature of this type of account is that the creators can track their engagement with the Insights option. Once eligible, creators can also do paid partnerships with brands in the future.

****Business Account-****This type of account is for business owners or businesses, where they can build their online presence. This account comes with business tools such as adding a shop button, email id or ad tools where they can promote their products or their company.

Being a creator, you would definitely want to get the verification badge so that you can have the upper hand when it comes to landing up with a collaboration with a brand. It’s actually quite easy to request for verification.

How to request a verification badge on Instagram?

  • Log into your account and click on the Settings icon.
  • Inside Settings, click on “Account” and select “Request Verification”
  • You will have to fill in the necessary details and wait for Instagram to review your account.

There is no guarantee that Instagram would grant the verification badge to your account. Before you request a verification badge, make sure to read their Terms and Conditions from the Help icon. If your request for verification has been denied, you will have to wait for 30 days before reapplying for the verification.

Don’t worry we at Famstar- the best influencer marketing platform also have some amazing hacks that you could follow to get that blue badge to your profile.

**#Establish your online presence: **Many people go wrong by only maintaining their online presence on Instagram. If you want to be verified quickly, it becomes essential for you to establish a good online presence in all social media handles and not just Instagram.

#**Have a unique hook: **A verification badge is given so that it proves that you are a credible public figure, brand or creator. Having your unique design for posts or unique style of writing will help you to get verified quickly.

#**Stay wary of impersonators: **This tip is actually given by Instagram. If you feel your account is being impersonated you can request a verification. After all, people would want to follow the actual Netflix” account and not its copycat.

#**Be Active: **The moment you request for verification of your account, the Instagram moderators critically lookout for activities of your account. So always make sure you stay active on Instagram. Being active does not mean you post so much content on your IG Feed. What it actually means is that you should communicate with your audience either through direct messages or even Story Stickers such as Poll questions, Quiz or even a general question.

#**Be Credible: **Instagram Algorithm does not determine you getting the verification badge in any manner. Your brand will be verified only if the people find you credible. To see if your brand is credible, just search your brand name. If it doesn’t come up then work on it because until you don’t do that, the chances of getting that blue badge would be pretty slim.

The above hacks will absolutely help you to get the verification badge for your account on Instagram. There are many factors for you to consider before you request verification for your account. It’s not necessary that your account will be verified in the first go. Be patient and keep updating yourself on the new terms and conditions from Instagram. You can also connect your company mail id or your company website to your Instagram account, it will boost your chances to get that blue badge. The point is to keep trying, there is no limit to requests for verification.

What do I get by verifying my account on IG?

When your account gets verified, it shows the people that your account is real. For instance, let’s say a public figure has a particular style of posts. Many brands want to collaborate with this public figure, but they will hesitate to do so. Although, if the public figure has got that blue badge, the brand would blindly collaborate with the public figure. Likewise, when companies or brands have the verification badge on IG, they become more credible or rather authentic to collaborate and work with.

It’s quite a fact that a verification badge gives you a certain type of authority amongst other companies or public figures without this blue badge. Well, we do this everywhere, we’d hire that Graphic Designer who has a degree in designing rather than someone with no degree. By having a verification badge, your audience will trust everything you do.

Another mistake that people make is that, once they get the verification badge, they go inactive on Instagram. This just gives the Instagram moderators an opportunity to remove the badge. You have to consistently stay active on Instagram and engage with your audience. That’s the only way for you to maintain that verification badge on IG.

FINAL THOUGHTS : Getting a verification badge is the best thing for every Public Figure or Company as it makes you stand apart from imposters. It has become very necessary for you to get this blue badge to have an upper hand in what you do. Hope this blog answers your question.


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