How to make money on the Famstar App?

Thu, Jul 22, 2021

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There’s no better joy than making money from your home and especially when you are making money by doing a job that you are passionate about! Gone are the days when you had to work at a 9 to 5 pace and still just earn a minimal amount for a job you aren’t even passionate about.

Influencer Marketing is a great way for you to earn money and all you have to do to earn money is simply be you. Perhaps, you all find me delusional because you have heard from many growing influencers that they don’t get paid immediately or it isn’t that easy to get payment from brands. To a certain extent, it is completely correct and that’s why we came up with a solution for this very problem. influencer marketing platform

In this blog,  you will understand the simple ways to make money on the Famstar App.  How budding influencers can gain Experiences through the Famstar Platform, but before we go there, let me tell you a little bit about Famstar.

**Famstar **is an influencer marketing platform leveraging nano and micro-influencers. A platform for Brands and Creators, powered by Technology and driven by Creativity. It’s the best influencer marketing platform in India where Brands and Creators can collaborate. While Brands can easily create their Brand Campaign, filter and connect with Creators that they like. The Creators on the other side can apply for campaigns that they like, guaranteed payment within 24 hours for the approved content they curate and most importantly safety of the content they curate!

It’s very easy for you to set up your account. Follow these simple steps to set your account on the Famstar App. Famstar Sign-up You can create your account by two options:

  • Either sign up with your Facebook account.
  • You can also sign up with your Email id.  

Once you enter all your details and create your account, we will send you a verification email. After you verify that, you move one step ahead to making money on the Famstar App.

STEP 2: Smart Discovery:

You can discover all the brand campaigns from the Campaign icon. You can also make use of the filter option based on location, campaign type, and budget. Smart Discovery STEP 3: Connect your social media handles

You can connect your social media handles from the “***+” symbol on the ME TAB. ***

The reason you need to connect your social media handles is to keep track of your progress, which allows us to know when to pay you too. Also, for applying on any campaign on Famstar your social media account has to be connected. STEP 4: Fill in the KYC & Add your Payment Method

Enter the KYC details required for the verification process and then add your Payment Method. You can either enter your Bank Account Details or your UPI Id, whichever is convenient to you**.** KYC & Add your Payment Method ****STEP 5**: **Here you go! You are all set with your profile. You can apply for campaigns and earn from Famstar. Let’s get to the juicy stuff. Here’s the answer to the question you have been patiently waiting for! How to make money on the Famstar App?

Once you have created your account on Famstar and finished all the above steps you can skim through the campaigns.

What kind of Campaigns does Famstar offer?

***Product Campaign: ***The influencers can take part in product campaigns to gain relevant experiences. Product Campaigns is a campaign where the brands would send a particular product or a product line for you to endorse. The only difference between Cash Campaigns and Product Campaigns is that by participating in product campaigns, content creators gain experiences and this enables the creators to develop a connection with the audience with ease. Why so? When creators use products, the audience finds them more authentic and will be even more persuaded to try that product. Moreover, experiencing a brand’s product without paying anything can be rejuvenating. Imagine, if you were the first person to drive a Tesla and you happened to persuade people to drive a Tesla. It sounds amazing, right? This is the type of experience you’d want to gain in your content creation journey and it’s a great way for you to test your communication and persuasion skills with a bit of creativity of course! influencer marketing platform

***Cash Campaigns: ***The influencers can create content and charge relevantly so that there is a higher chance for brands to collaborate with them. There is no limit for the influencers to ask for their charges; however, try to charge realistically to get selected. Also, make sure to enter your Bank Details to earn money.

***Engagement Campaigns: ***Here, the sole objective of the influencers will be to create engaging content for brands. The higher the engagement, the higher the influencers will be paid. There is no restriction that the influencer has to get only likes or only comments. The influencer can create any type of engaging content to earn. (Launching soon)

Influencers can participate in any of these three categories of campaigns to earn money right from home. You can choose the Brand of your niche. Check if you meet the campaign requirements. Share your content with the Brand. Once the brand approves your content, you get paid within 24 hours!

Another way for you to earn extra Fam points is by making use of your unique referral link.

How does the referral work?

**Invite your friends- **Share the app with your friends who are creators just like you & make them know about how they can collaborate with brands to earn money.

**Earn up to 1000 points: **You get 100 points instantly when your friend signs up & additional bonus points are credited according to the Engagement of the influencers. (The more followers the more points you earn!)

**Earn up to 1% of their earn: **You can earn up to 1% commission of every referred influencer earning. When your friend gets approved for a collaboration you will also earn money from their earnings.

Why do you think content creators like to collaborate with certain Brands to gain experience?

To answer this question, let me elucidate a scenario. Let’s say a teenager named “Sid” is a songwriter. The whole society puts Sid under the pressure to choose a mainstream career where there is job security. Now, Sid is a teenager and he is quite stubborn. He wants to prove society wrong. He has the talent and resources so he decides to work with a music studio to gain experience, recognition and have that self-satisfaction that he can thrive in this field of work. Similarly. Many of the budding Content Creators do not mind collaborating with Brands if they feel they get a learning experience out of it.

Content Creation is a trial and error method. Just because the AIDA(Attention, Interest, Desire, Awareness) Strategy for your content worked once. It doesn’t mean that it would work all the time and that is why Content Creators do not hesitate to work to gain experience. influencer marketing platform

How will Famstar help you to gain experience?

At Famstar, you can find numerous brands with unique products offering you real-time experiences that will help you in your Content Creation Journey. You will get first-hand insights about Brand Understanding. Your multitasking skills will grow, a skill that every content creator should possess. You will be comfortable with presenting your ideas for your future collaborations. Moreover, you will gain the confidence to lead future projects by yourself!

**FINAL THOUGHTS: **At Famstar, you can even participate in multiple campaigns and who knows maybe you could be their long term influencer marketer! The world is evolving with this digitalization era and so should you! Make use of this opportunity to make money from the Famstar App, Gain experience and don’t forget to refer to earn extra Fam points! influencer marketing platform


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