How To Promote A Book Successfully

Thu, Mar 31, 2022

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A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes it” -Samuel Johnson

It may sound harsh to hear that a writer puts his heart, energy, and time into writing a book, but it’s of no use until it’s been recognized by its faithful readers; it is the readers who add life to a book.

“Connecting a book to its readers is somewhat like connecting rivers to the ocean”.

A river feels incomplete until it meets the ocean. Likewise, the effective promotion of a book can help enlighten its value to its readers and draw a roadmap to their successful meeting.

If you are a reader, you must know that it’s rarest that you pick up a random book and start leafing through it.

More than 70 percent of the selection decision of a book is based on its recommendations or reviews, because readers have to invest their money as well as time into a book and that makes them more conscious about choosing a particular book. Moreover, a book always leaves its impact on a reader’s mind, so a reader needs to be wise. influencer marketing platform

Keeping in mind all the problems of a reader faces while making purchasing decisions of a book, an author can promote his book rightly.

If you are an author and wants to be in your readers’ good book, you must know the answers to a few questions before promoting your book to your target audience:

  1.     Who is the target audience?

  2.     What is the purpose of book writing?

  3.     Why should a reader hear you?

  4.     What is the benefit of the reader in investing in your book?

  5.     Will your book solve his problem or add some value to his life?

These answers will be presented before your niche targeted audience in different ways, in order to catch their attention and make them read your book.

In this post, I’m going to describe all possible ways to leverage the sales of a book and make it known to the world.

Let’s know one by one………….

An Arresting Book Cover:

We usually hear people saying, “A book shouldn’t be judged by its cover”, but the fun fact is that we all do it, don’t we?

Every work can’t be done by you perfectly. So, the book cover should be designed by professionals. There is always a difference between homemade food and food cooked by a professional chef.

No doubt, human beings always get attracted to color and shape, so an author should get designated the cover by professionals in such a way that it immediately catches anyone’s eyes; a distinct style of cover. influencer marketing platform

Also, the cover should be perfect enough to convey the value and the matter the book posses, and the genre of the author can be known by looking at the cover of the book.

Amazing catchy headlines:

Headlines are known to be the small windows to peep into a book. A few words’ headlines can force a reader to buy the book.

They should be clear, understandable, precise, and catchy.

Sometimes, it is easy for an author to write a 50,000-word book but he may find it difficult to write the headlines of a few words.

Join Readers group or community or club:

The result of your positively successful promotion is only done when you know where you can catch your real audience.

The author should join readers’ groups or clubs on Facebook or somewhere else, to get connected with the readers of his genre. There, he can introduce his work to the readers. Also, he can discuss the core idea of writing the book and why a reader should read it.

Make Audio Format Of The Book:

I couldn’t agree more that audiobooks are creating the buzz in the readers’ world.

The world is full of easy-to-use technologies. The books have started talking now. When a reader doesn’t find time to sit and read a book, he can hear it, doing any of chores and at any time.

The author can make his book available in audio format on some audiobooks platforms like “Kindle”. So that it can become more handy or convenient and a reader has not to spare time separately to sit and read.

Grow your LinkedIn Or Other Social Media Profile:

In the last few years, the world has been shifted to social media.

The presence on different social media (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.) has been essential nowadays; people are more connected and open on social media rather than their real lives.

Among all social media platforms,** LinkedIn is a well-known platform** for its **professional-oriented network.** An author can grow his professional network by posting and interacting with people. This work is not done in a day. An author must be persistent with spending time on LinkedIn and in no time, people start liking and engaging with you.

Once you are able to grow your network on social media, you can promote your book there on your own and leverage sales tremendously.

For example Ankur Warikoo, a successful Indian entrepreneur, content creator, as well as a prominent author of the book “Do Epic Shit”. He is a super active social media person with over 4 million faithful audiences. He made himself a notable person by posting and interacting with people on the daily basis. And then, It became an easy job for him to promote his own work through social media.

Do Epic Shit

Small Give Away:

This is the most efficient way to promote your book. An author can give away or distribute at least the first 100 copies of his book to his potential readers or well-known figures in the field of writing.

Their reviews on their social media handles will help your book gain popularity among the potent readers, increase sales, grow engagement and build your personal brand.

A giveaway is a short-term investment for long-term benefits. You can also use their reviews on the front pages of your book, as the reader gives attention to what people think of your book. The positive and true reviews will make a reader willing to read your book.

Collaborate With Book Promoting Sites:

If Vibishana, one of the younger brothers of Ravana, could not have told lord Ram for striking the arrow at Ravana’s navel, he would have struck the arrows randomly, and it would have been more laborious and stressful work with no guarantee of successfully killing Ravana.

Likewise, an author must know what can be the efficient and perfect way to pitch readers to buy your book in a short span of time.

There are lots of free promotional sites which bring authors and readers to a platform. An author needs to utilize this opportunity and share his book on these sites. It will help in growing sales, popularity and also knowing the reviews by the readers. Some of the free book promotional sites are - Goodreads, Wattpad, Kindle board, etc.

Collaborate With Social Media Influencers And Bloggers:

Currently, collaborating with social media influencers and bloggers is the most effective and successful way for promoting a book or any other product or service.

An author needs to reach out to the powerful influencers and bloggers who are the experts in the same niche, who talk about the topics the author writes about, or whose opinions matter to their audience. Collaborate With Social Media Influencers Your selected influencers will share a story, reel, or post telling people how useful your book is for them, what it carries and why they should definitely read it.

The bloggers will share blogs or posts on their channels, indicating your book.

But the puzzle is, there are millions of influences and bloggers in the market nowadays. Selecting the right one for effective results is not an easy job for anyone. You are also not aware of the charges for promotion, they can rob you of your money.

And, promotion of a book with the help of influences or bloggers is only fruitful when it is done in the right way with the right influencers/bloggers.

How to Promote a Book on Instagram?

“Problems without a solution are not at all a problem”.

The problem: How to find the best book influencers on Instagram?

The solution: Shake hands with the best Influencer marketing platform in India.

There is a number of Influencer Marketing platforms out there. Famstar is the best Influencer marketing platform in India, working tirelessly for promoting books, products, or services successfully and fulfilling the marketing goals of its clients.

Famstar is rich with data of 50,000 plus influencers of different categories or niches on different social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. influencer marketing platform

Collaborating with** Famstar**, can help you solve the puzzle of finding the right influencers or bloggers. **Famstar **will present the potent and suitable Influencers/bloggers, who have the required faithful audience and also draw the idea and strategy to leverage the sales of your book.

For example, You authored a book pointing to women empowerment in India and you want to prompt it with the help of the best book influencer on Instagram. Famstar will provide you with Influencers who talk about women’s empowerment and all other social issues on their social media platform or influencers who are motivational speakers or influencers who review books usually.

The selection of the right influencers can drive high sales and popularity. So, Influencer Marketing is the best way to promote a book.

Some other ways:

There are some other ways which are also not less effective in the promotion of a book.

● Writing a qualitative blurb on the back of the book gives an idea of the whole book in short.

● Writing some guest posts and articles for others can help you be noticeable.

● Using email contacts: sending emails to your contacts apprising of the launch of your new written book can also help you generate sales.

● Going on podcasts and talking about your book and its benefits.

● Amazon reviews: reviews always influence the purchasing decision of a customer. An author can gather those reviews by introducing himself and the book perfectly on  Amazon.

● Updating social media: write about your book everywhere. influencer marketing platform

Final Thoughts:

A book is lame until it reaches its readers. The promotion of a book should start the time it starts being written. The time and energy an author needs to give in its promotion are much more than its writing period.

The clearly set goals and strategy are needed for its successful promotion.

In this article, I tried to wrap up all the possible ways to promote a book and drive its sales among the target readers. I hope, you find it helpful.

Happy reading!


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