How To Use Micro-Influencers To Enhance Your PR Strategy.

Fri, Aug 27, 2021

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While the Micro-Influencer revolution has been a blessing for marketers, it can be a complete nightmare for PR. If the marketer starts tapping into micro-influencers, how is the PR team going to get those influencers to cover the story? So far, there’s been no clear answer to this question. But through a combination of data-driven and relationship-based engagement, the PR team can get a firm grip on micro-influencers and use them to enhance the PR department’s reach.

A few years back, the word “influencer marketing” was something that only big brands could afford. But now, with the advent of micro-influencers, even small businesses can afford to gain mass exposure for their product.

Through PR you can display the art of storytelling. With PR brands can establish and build relationships between the public and the brand. Through PR brands can choose what they want to portray about their brand to their potential customers. Thus, giving a clear insight into the brand image.

Why should Brands use Micro-Influencers For PR?

The main idea to use PR is to make sure there is crystal clear information of the brand image to the public. Build a connection or a relationship with them by engaging with them. This sounds almost like the job description of every Influencer, doesn’t it?

Well, the crux of PR and Influencer Marketing is almost the same. Micro-Influencing is proven to be more effective than traditional advertising as the audience trusts the word of a stranger rather than a paid ad. They find micro-influencers more authentic and relatable and thus, buy products that eventually results in High Conversions. Micro-Influencers do not only play the role of a publicist but also create creative content for your brand.

Currently, there are many micro-influencers out there that brands have not yet leveraged yet. Perhaps, the below pointers will make them change their mind. Why should Brands use Micro-Influencers For PR?Why should Brands use Micro-Influencers For PR? **Micro-Influencers attract niche audiences:- **Micro-Influencers generally have 1000-10,000 followers. While celebrities have millions of followers when it comes to influencer marketing, some campaigns fail. Why? It fails as these days consumers are savvy. They can see through the facade if celebrities come out as too sales-y. These days, consumers connect better with these micro-influencers as they are skilful people and experts in their niche. For example, suppose a brand named ‘XYZ’ has just entered the market and want to make the people aware of its new tech services. The brand can connect with a local micro-influencer whose niche is technology. The brand can collaborate with this micro-influencer at affordable prices and the brand would achieve its desired results and this micro-influencer already has a specific audience that targets people that have an interest in technology.

**Affordable rates:- **Micro-Influencers are quite affordable. You can invest in two to three micro-influencers by not investing in celebrity influencers and the best part, these micro-influencers will fulfil your brand goal.

**High Engagement and Conversion Rates:- **A study conducted by an influencer marketing hub found that when comparing the engagement rates and ROI of micro-influencers and celebrity influencers, the benefits of working with a micro-influencer far outweighed that of working with a celebrity. Micro-influencers with an audience of 10,000 received 3.7 per cent engagement rates on Instagram compared to only 1.1 per cent engagement rates for influencers with over 100,000 followers. Further, it was found that micro-influencers deliver 30 per cent better ROI per dollar spent compared to 20 per cent for influencers with over a million followers. The sole reason for such a high conversion rate is that consumers these days connect with micro-influencers as they find them authentic and real.

How can Micro-Influencers Enhance PR strategy?

By using a micro-influencer who love your brand and share authentic content that portrays your brand story that eventually results in loyal customers organically which may be difficult for a PR to achieve. Research shows that 94% of consumers trust friends or strangers for buying decisions over all other forms of marketing. Instead of working with a celebrity, customers look for your brand organically when a micro-influencer recommends your brand or through word of mouth from their friends that they have faith in.

**FINAL THOUGHTS:- **To get great results for your brand, you can enhance your PR strategy by collaborating with Micro-Influencers. The times have changed, no brand can solely depend on PR, the perception of consumers has changed drastically and so it is absolutely essential that brands change their strategy to thrive in the industry.

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