Successful Influencing: Best Influencer Marketing Platforms In India

Mon, Mar 14, 2022

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The Indian Influencer marketing Industry has been growing luxuriantly for the last 2-3years. It has been the most important tool every brand should have in their bag of Marketing strategy- for 100 % successful Marketing.

Do you know how rapidly it is flourishing? It is to reach the height of Rs. 2200 crore, at an incredible rate of 25 % by the year 2025 - According to a report published by GroupINCA. Even it is being assumed that it may break the boundary of expectation.

Looking at the report, you must be wondering what has made it so magnificent? Why does every small or big are brand choose Influencer Marketing over any other way of marketing? influencer marketing platform

Let me explain it to you…………

In the pandemic era, as people got locked in their houses, they became more active on social media for their entertainment. And, this gave rise to social media influence. And, Gradually, it started replacing traditional marketing. Today, life has geared back, people have resumed their offices, but Influencer marketing is not leaving its stance- the situation has come that brands shifting their budget to Influencer Marketing, because of its high effectiveness.

Without a doubt, I can say that Influencer marketing can give high recognition to your brand in the market. But, do you think it is a cakewalk to gain a high rate of output from influencer marketing?

Before answering this question, let me give you a brief introduction about what are influencers and influencer marketing.

Whom you called an Influencer?

The time has gone when influencing was only limited to celebrities. Now, common people like us who are experts in their niche, work like a magnetic force to attract a large audience with their relatable posts.

They have the power to influence the purchasing decision of their audience because of their trustful relationship with their audience. Also, their informative, relatable & consistent contents keep the audience engaged. Influencer Influencers’ recommendation is like recommendations from their friends and family members. According to a survey, “49% of consumers seek recommendations from the influencers before marking their purchasing decision”. They like to emulate their favorite influencers. This is how Influencers are making a big difference in their audience’s life.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

In simple words, “Marketing which is done by collaboration with Influencers is called Influencer Marketing”. Brands choose Influencers related to their niche and use their trustful relationship with their audience to prompt their brands or endorse the products or services rendered by brands. It means- the influencers speak on behalf of the brands. Influencer Marketing This is how the trust of the Influencers works as a piggyback to be ridden by the brands. For instance, a person who is well-versed in fashion & designing and has a large following base on Instagram, where he shares posts on his expertise. His followers like his/her fashion sense, so when he will come with new designs of a brand, people will start emulating it. And, the brand will be recognized soon.

It is a cost-effective way with a high ROI. But, a brand can get a high rate of output only when it chooses the right influencers for its marketing.

For instance, you’ve boarded the bus heading to Jaipur, and you aim to reach Delhi, you can’t reach your destination (goal), because you’re aiming your arrow in the wrong direction; you can’t just choose any influencer just in the hope that he will help your brand. influencer marketing platform You (brand) need to collaborate with the right influencers: Influencers of the same niche; Influencers with a high engagement rate; Influencers with genuine followers, etc.

With the hike in Influencer marketing, the number of Influencers or creators has also hiked. That’s why digging up the right Influencers has become a toiling work for brands.

There is a famous quote, “With a problem, comes its solution”. The Indian Influencer marketing platforms are born to bridge the gap between the two: the brands and the influencers.

Again, what are the best Influencer marketing platforms to give relief to you?

Through this article, I assure you to solve this problem of yours.

Let’s proceed…

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms In Indiabest influencer marketing platform

Best Influencer Marketing Platforms In India


Famstar is undoubtedly the best influencer marketing platform, which understands the interest of its customers. It is an AI-powered platform with advanced filters, analytical tools, automated technology, and a wide range of creators’ data. The best thing is its user-friendly approach. FAMSTARFAMSTAR It is the biggest Influencer marketing platform with over 50,000 + creators. Once you shake hands with Famstar, the team starts working on the brand’s richness. It provides a narrowed-down list of the best influencers of your niche, in which you can select the best out of best, you want to collaborate with.

Famstar aids in creating designated and tempting campaigns which can resonate with your audience to a high degree. It also helps you generate ROI. It is the most reliable platform- connecting with it, you can set aside all of your worries regarding Influencer marketing.

#2 Plixxo:

Plixxo is also being added to the list of best Influencer Marketing platforms because of its user-friendly interface which is established to help brands and Influencers get in connection with each other on different social media platforms. More than 26,000 creators are assigned with Plixxo. PlixxoPlixxo Once you become a part of its Plixxo community, it will give you access to fantastic brands and influencers. You can also reach out to Plixxo via email and then its team will provide you with the best Influencers of your niche. You can select the right ones for your campaign. influencer marketing platform #3 Eleve Media: Eleve mediaEleve media Eleve media is a powerful platform that ideates brand campaign strategies and helps brands choose the right advocates for their marketing campaigns. Eleve media has designated a special in-built tool namely “Explore” which enables you to find the right Influencers without hassle. It keeps in mind giving you high-quality engagement to your brand. So, with Eleve Media you can obtain your marketing goals efficiently.

#4 OPA: OPAOPA OPA is one of the newly founded platforms with over 50,000 influencers in access. It helps brands in finding potential influencers, especially in four major categories: beauty, fashion, fitness, and food. OPA is a; large community that includes shoppers as well as influencers. It enables the brands to get reviewed their products from highly efficient Influencers on different social media platforms. Its low pricing policy is the main reason for its being chosen by different brands for its influencer marketing strategy. influencer marketing platform #5 Upfluence: UpfluenceUpfluence Upfluence is among the leading influencer marketing platforms, which allows brands to meet the right Influences strategically and initiate the marketing of their products to help you reach your goal. It gives more importance to assisting brands to build and nurture a long-lasting meaningful relationship with the creators who are highly revenue-driven. Its advanced analytical tool helps you measure ROI and know the performance of your campaign any time at different social media platforms.

Conclusive points:

Influencer marketing raised surprisingly in the pandemic like a “Bamboo”.

Marketers see no halt in the progressive rate of the growing Influencer marketing industry in upcoming years. So, brands can optimize it in their marketing strategies to prompt their products and services and drive high sales.

Partnering with the best Influencer marketing platform can enable them to get their aim fulfilled easily and more efficiently. influencer marketing platform


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