The Best Influencer Marketing Campaigns in India

Thu, Feb 10, 2022

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Around 22 percent of people who fall in the 18-34 years age bracket make purchase decisions inspired by influencer endorsements. From global brands to small enterprises, influencer marketing has become immensely popular worldwide, coming with massive application scope.

Apart from promoting a product, influencer marketing can also be used for establishing brand awareness, which works well for companies that wish to penetrate a new geographical location or market. influencer marketing platform If you haven’t thought of incorporating an influencer marketing strategy in your digital marketing plan, you’re making a mistake. If you’re not entirely convinced, we are going to present the most successful influencer marketing campaignsin India that have managed to create quite a wave. While we do not suggest you blindly copy their campaigns, it will help you evaluate how campaigns have worked for other brands. Let’s take a look at them. BaggitBaggit

1. Baggit

Baggit, an emerging bag brand in India, founded an influencer campaign for engaging their audience and building interaction with them, particularly regarding their brand-new SS collection. In the Baggit Event, influencers had to showcase their products by always holding them during the course of the event. The story was going to be all about their latest bag collection. Influencers were questioned on why they chose the bag they were carrying and if they would exchange it with any other bag if given the opportunity.

Baggit started a pre-buzz around the bags on digital media with these bloggers based out of Mumbai. Tweets were shared using the hashtag #PlayTheLifeGame.

The brand mentioned in their press release about the concept behind the ‘Play the Life Game’ campaign, which focused on the different moods of women and how the choice of different prints, textures, and materials are meant to reflect the vibrant taste women of women based on their changing emotions and moods every day. influencer marketing platform

Furthermore, Baggit also started a 2-day long campaign where users were asked to guess the bag name, tag friends who should own that bag, and mention why they must #PlayTheLifeGame. The event took place on Facebook Live and got over 2.1k views. Over 180 users actively participated in this campaign, which ended up generating around 2,765 conversations collectively.

The campaign managed to deliver over a whopping 5 million impressions, which did pretty good for the brand. During the course of the campaign, their Twitter handle got around 2.8 million followers. Being a new brand in India, Baggit managed to create buzz around it and raise brand awareness on social media using the hashtag #PlayTheLifeGame. Allen SollyAllen Solly

2. Allen Solly

Allen Solly started the *#ShootForSolly *campaign for promoting their exclusive chinos collection. It was meant to attract young buyers and show them that chinos could be an effective alternative to jeans.

In the campaign, 22 diverse influencers from varied walks of life had to pair Allen Solly’s chinos with any shirt bought from a store in their cities. They were required to a select photographer for a photoshoot near the city’s landmark where they live. The pictures were assimilated in a micro-website and shared on various social media channels. The campaign managed to reach over 73,493 people with around 712,203 impressions. On Facebook, it has a reach of 2 million with a total of 3.2 impressions. TridentSocialHotelHotel Trident 3. Hotel Trident

The list of top influencer marketing campaignsin India would be incomplete without the #TridentSocialHotel campaign initiated by Hotel Trident. The hotel sent invites to social media influencers, asking them to stay at the hotel for a day and share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #TridentSocialHotel. influencer marketing platform

Two online activities sprouted from this campaign, namely #*Tweesurehunt *and #Instachallange. In the case of #tweesurehunt, influencers received clues to help reach a specific area present in the hotel. They were required to find that area to locate the next clue. The hashtag #*Instachallenge *was about tweeting the clues along with pictures and posting them on their handles. Taco BellTaco Bell 4. Taco Bell

Taco Bell collaborated with Tanmay Bhatt in the *#MakePotatoGreatAgain *campaign to introduce the Crispy Potaco, combining Taco and Potato.

Tanmay Bhatt used his sense of humour to create short clips with the hashtag to create a buzz around Potaco, which also attracted other influencers such as Lady Gabbar and Karan tacker. As per Tweetbinder, the hashtag #*MakePotatoGreat *received around 24,522,245 impressions.

Many food bloggers, such as Food talk India, Mister Tikku, and Munching Murmurs, also participated in the campaign on Instagram. Creatives and videos were shared on different social media channels, including Facebook. The digital film available on Facebook got around 215k views with at least 1k reactions and several hundred comments, making it one of the best influencer marketing campaigns in India. DuroflexDuroflex 5. Duroflex

Duroflex came up with ‘7 Hour Marathon’ campaign that focused on the relevance and necessity of at-a-stretch sleep to maintain a healthy body with influencers. Milind Soman tweeted about his plans on doing the 7-hour marathon each day, and that’s how the campaign began.

It was received with some confusion, and that’s why a video was released where he clarified what the #7HourMarathon means with discussions regarding the need for good sleeping habits.

The video got around 5.1k likes along with at least 1,456 shares on Facebook. The hashtag received approximately 4.9M impressions, and several online influencers started promoting the message behind #7HourMarathon, making it a huge hit. Axis BankAxis Bank 6. Axis Bank

Axis Bank, a highly recognized private sector bank in India, introduced Thought Factory– a dedicated innovation lab. The launch of this lab was covered on several social media channels, and Axis Bank worked joined hands with an and technology bloggers. These influencers attended and covered the launch of this one-of-a-kind digital lab that works closely with several talented, diverse, and innovative start-ups.

The technology bloggers live-tweeted the event and mentioned it in their blogs. Many social media personalities and tech gurus were part of this campaign.

Bottom Line

Influencer marketing as a digital marketing trend is here to stay, so use this as an opportunity to learn how the **best social media influencer campaigns**work and use them to your advantage. influencer marketing platform


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