Top Fitness YouTubers in India in 2021

Sat, Jan 30, 2021

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India and fitness have never been too comfortable with each other. You may call it the curse of poverty, low spending power or anything but Indians weren’t too inclined to spend money on workout or gym. The trend changed with the change of the millennia as people started recognizing the need and importance of fitness. Today, there are 1000s of gyms, workout centres across the nation. Furthermore, YouTube has given a platform to fitness fiends to share their experience. influencer marketing platform

Check out the top fitness influencers on YouTube to know more:

With a viewership of close to 7 million, the T-series run channel run in collaboration with Guru Mann is one-stop-destination shop for all diet and health program-related queries. He is known among his 700k subscribers as a nutrition expert. His degree and Biomechanics makes him geek but the Guru teaches others to get in shape is admirable and inspiring, to say the least. You choose from 12 channels to follow which range form shredding to controlling diabetes to others. For sure you’ll get workout motivation after watching videos of one of the top YouTube fitness influencers in India.

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~Guru Mann Fitness: Wait, did you think that the fitness king of India doesn’t have his channel? Well, he does. With over 17 years of experience in the fitness industry, his story from being a skinny youngster to a man with a ripped body is inspiring. People from all age groups frequent his channel, which has a viewership of 3.7 million and close to 600k subscribers and gets their doubts clear about diet, fitness and other lifestyle matters. Guru Mann Fitness ~BeerBiceps: Ranveer Allahabadia is a famous name among YouTube fitness influencers. His channel BeerBiceps has 1.9 million viewers and 392k followers. Although he started with cooking and fitness, he included lifestyle videos as well to his channel as his fan base grew. His channel has a variety of viewers and they all enjoy his fun and quirky way of presenting his content. Ranveer Allahabadia Who doesn’t know Tanmay Bhatt? AIB founder and one of the most loved comedians, vloggers and famous fitness YouTuber in India, he found his place in the fitness list due to his whopping 109 kgs weight loss. Not only it inspired others but also showed that if you put your heart to it, you can achieve bigger things even while you’re working. He is the true inspiration for thousands who follow his channel on YouTube.

~Tarun Gill: A myth-buster, a marketing fiend and a top fitness influencer on YouTube, Tarun is brimming with talent from every nook & corner. On top of it, he is a certified trainer and nutritionist with a huge fan following on YouTube. He has helped many get fit. At the beginning of his career, he worked with the likes of IBM and GE but soon changed his mind and turned to vlog. Fitness became his passion and even after a decade, there’s no stopping him. People follow and watch his videos to understand and shelve myths about products they buy, fitness programs and other things. You should watch his videos, some of which are eye-openers. Tarun Gill ~FitnessRockers India: Loaded with videos on bodybuilding, workouts, nutrition, supplements and home remedies, Fitness Rockers has become one of the top youtube fitness influencer channels on YouTube in India. Their diet plans have helped many achieve their fitness goals.

This channel caters to all experience levels for fitness junkies. The videos will help improve your form, clean your diet and introduce some creative training modules to your regular workout routine.

**~FitMuscle TV: **Oh, boy! Gaurav Taneja is a different breed of fitness experts that go around in the market these days. His repo with youngsters and oldies is almost alike, and it has helped him build trust for his channel, which has 163k followers. He loves to explore different types of diets and injury prevention measures. To ensure his fans and followers and loyal to him and his channel, he does giveaways in the form of supplements. Interesting way to build your name, isn’t it? **~Fit Tuber: **Fit Tuber is an Indian fitness YouTuber who never focuses on bulking up instead strives to promote overall wellness. Watch their videos if you want some fitness and workout motivation and healthy recipes which can be prepared under 10 minutes.

**~Abhinav Mahajan: **Although Abhinav started his career with modelling, 3 years later, he started inclining towards personal development. He dedicated himself to developing a healthy mind and body. In his videos, he addresses problems that youngsters face and enjoys being a motivational speaker from time to time. influencer marketing platform Besides his YouTube channel with 139k subscribers, Abhinav works and trains clients across the globe and ensures that they follow a tailor-made diet based on their built. Abhinav Mahajan ~Shreyas Kamath: If you are looking to improve your form and learn about new exercises, Shreyas is the guy for you. He has taught many about bulking, cut and grow using his raw approach to fitness that caters to the old and new school of thought.

In midst of it all, he enjoys cooking and sharing recipes to help his followers build their body at home. His body is proof of his scientifically-proven training methods. His subscriber base of 53k is slowly but surely growing with time. Shreyas Kamath ~Raghav Pande’s XCell Fitness: Raghav Pande provides a lot of insight to those who want to shed a few kilos to get in shape. His channel promotes fitness at home. As per Raghav, you don’t need an expensive gym membership to change how you look and feel, all you need are some free weights and you’re good to go.

If you feel like you are not up for a workout and are scared of hardship, Raghav will force you to exceed your true potential. Raghav Pande’s XCell Fitness Fitness is one of the hot trends in India. Be it sports or crisp looking businessmen, fitness if ruling how people live their lives. With the emergence of YouTube as a platform to showcase their fitness ways, many have built their names. Be it an inspiring weight loss story, how to build 6-pack abs in 6 months or just a regular how-to-control-cholesterol, YouTube videos and YouTubers are making it all happens. Feeling lazy? Watch out how these fitness freaks do it every day and get yourself in the fitness zone.   influencer marketing platform


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