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Wed, Nov 10, 2021

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A time comes in everyone’s life when people seek others to solve the problems of their puzzled, confused and negative mind. Why they get stuck in some situation and how to move on, how to get out of their problems, how to get rid of negative thinking, why they are in a particular situation, a lot of such questions or situations come into people’s lives.

They can ask their friends, relatives and family to help them get motivated towards their goals and life, but sometimes they hesitate. They could not share what they are going through. They think people will judge or make fun of them or maybe will not understand them. They feel fragile, and they don’t want the world to know about it. influencer marketing platform

It is a boon of technology that gave birth to youtube and google like things, where you can find almost every answer. Because it is the rarest thing that your problem would not have been faced by anyone before.

People are being more open on social media than in their real life.They are talking about each and every kind of problem from personal to professional problems, from health to wealth problems, from problems to mental problems and problems not bound to age even.

There are lots of people carrying out the job of solving others’ problems and motivating them to grow and live a healthy and cheerful life.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the top most motivational  speakers on youtube, who are continuously working to solve our problems, and motivating us. influencer marketing platform

Excited to know who they are?

Let’s know one by one then.

~SANDEEP MAHESHWARI**:-** **Youtube channel  link**:

“Whenever you feel lonely, start enjoying the company of the most wonderful person on the Earth..YOU”.

With the highest 21.3M  beautiful subscribers, Sandeep Maheshwari is the most popular and star motivational youtube speaker. One of  the reasons for his being so lovable is that he doesn’t earn a single penny from youtube. He didn’t monetize his channel.  He doesn’t want people to watch his video thinking that he is doing it purposefully or just to earn money.

Sandeep Maheshwari does seminars, shares videos on youtube, always interacts with people and encourages people to ask questions. His lectures are not monotonous because he gives real life examples and tells stories to justify the lectures. He has a clear understanding and an amazing sense of humour.

The man who has reached the mountain knows what hurdles the path puts. He is the** founder and CEO of ImagesBazaar**.

He talks about almost every aspect of life- student life, depression, business, money, fear, family, expectations, success, stress  etc. influencer marketing platform

~DR. VIVEK BINDRA:- Youtube channel  link-

“Difficulties in your life are not the dead ends, they are just the sweet bends’’.

Dr. Vivek Bindra is the** founder and CEO of Bada Business** which helps people grow their  business means become Bada. It is an Entrepreneurship Program.

On youtube, he is subscribed by17.8m people. He is one of the biggest influencers of India. He is also a great business trainer. Being a Phd holder in Business Administration and founder of many companies, he has knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship.

His videos on youtube greatly help people in being a successful entrepreneur. He tells real life stories of successful leaders and businessmen in the world to teach the good habits and mentality  of them and also how these people are different from others and reached heights. He also teaches people how to accelerate success in business.

His speech is so full of energy and knowledge that people feel themselves stand up from their seat and run. He has a trait of glib talk.

~TS MADAAN:- Youtube channel link -

“Listening to others’ problems will help you know that you are crying for pity .’’

TS Madaan has a big fan following on youtube, he has 10.8M subscribers. The motto of TS Madaan’s channel is to make people learn, grow and succeed in all aspects of their life. He is the** founder and CEO of Total Success**.

He is a successful businessman and has faced many difficult times in his life. He has high values like being punctual, hard working, passionate etc., those he tries to transmit through his channel.

His punjabi accent is powerful and gives people motivation for fighting difficult times.

These days his son  and daughter-in-law are also sharing English speaking practice videos on this channel, just to make people become confident of speaking English fluently.

~SADHGURU [Jaggi Vasudev]:- Youtube channel link -

“It does not take much for a human being to live well. ONlY when you are trying to imitate someone else, It takes a lot”.

Sadhguru is the nickname of Jaggi Vasudev and also the name of his channel on youtube with** 8.48m subscribers**. He is a well known personality even outside India.

He is the** founder of Isha yoga foundation**. He offers inner engineering technologies for wellbeing. Being a yogi, mystic and visionary Jaggi Vasudev explains how powerful yoga is and also tells the science behind it. He reveals the benefits of eating the right food, meditation and yoga and shares impactful techniques for living a healthy and peaceful life.

He is also an environmentalist and runs many campaigns for saving nature.

He delivers his lectures mostly in english. His lectures are very genuine and pragmatic. Because of his humble voice, you can’t help being engrossed in his lectures.

**~SONU SHARMA:- ** Youtube channel link-

“Every kite has to go to the trash one day, but one day before that one has to touch the sky”.

How is it possible that when we are discussing the best motivational youtubers Sonu sharma’s name doesn’t pop up?

Sonu Sharma is one of the youngest motivational youtubers with 8.07M subscribers. He is the** founder and CEO of Dynamic India group**. He is an inspirational  speaker, corporate trainer and Life coach. influencer marketing platform

His videos include success, network marketing, challenges, risks, how to stand before challenges and difficulties in life, personality development etc.

His lectures are enthusiastic and highly motivational. Sometimes he delivers his thoughts in a poetic way.

~HIM EESH MADAAN**:-** **Youtube channel link- **

**“**Experiences save humans from making wrong decisions, but Experiences come only from making wrong decisions.”

One another youngest, best motivational speaker on youtube is Himeesh Madaan with 5.96M subscribers. He is a son of TS Madaan. He is also an entrepreneur, career strategist and trainer.

He started working as a trainer in a college, where he found out that he is good at training people, later he got many opportunities for giving training to teachers as well as students.

He has shared his real life stories, how he converted difficulties into possibilities and how difficulties helped him know his potential.

He talks about the problems faced by youths.They get filled with enthusiasm. His videos are entertaining plus motivational. He also talks about what is currently going on in the world like cryptocurrency, how to make yourself popular on social media etc.

~DR. UJJWAL PATNI:- Youtube channel link-

“Without trying you can only fall down, can not go up. The same rule applies to the gravitational force and life”.

Top business coach, international author and motivational speaker Dr. Ujjwal Patni has a family of** 5.7M subscribers** on youtube. His channel is for both Life and Business.

He gives success mantras in life and business. He gives importance to the balance of both. A person who is successful in business but fails in relations can not stay happy. So the balance becomes necessary between these too.

He talks about children, family, relations, trust, communication skills, success, business, parenting secrets, life lessons for women etc.

Because he talks about the day today’s problems of almost every human being, his videos are liked by people.

~BK SHIVANI [Shivani Verma]:- **Youtube channel link - **

“When the quality of thoughts is not right, the speed of thoughts is higher”.

A calm, gentle, pure, peaceful and wonderful  lady BK Shivani is loved by 4.08M subscribers. She is a highly respected teacher in the Brahma Kumaris spiritual****movement in India.

She focuses on the cleansing of negative thoughts and energy inside our head. How our inner self improves everything outside, what to do, what not to do, what is good for our peace of mind, how we can become a good human being and add value in others’ life too, she teaches all of these things beautifully.

She is in a state of serenity which reflects her voice and face. She has no lines of stress, anger on her face. influencer marketing platform

Her purpose of making videos on youtube is to make people peaceful, calm, highly valuable to society and awakening their inner pure soul.

~GAUR GOPAL DAS**:-** **Youtube channel link** -

“Anyone can find the dirt in someone. Be the one that finds the gold.”

A lifestyle coach, motivational speaker and a prestigious member of International Society for Krishna Consciousness, has 4M subscribers on his youtube channel.

He was an engineer before choosing the path of being an ascetic/monk.

He always looks cheerful. He also has a great sense of humour, which avoids his lectures being boring. He imparts his knowledge joyfully, that makes everyone imbibed.

The subjects of his videos on youtube are an art of success, expectations, good mental health, emotional pain, good thinking etc.

~SWAMI MUKUNDANANDA**:-** **Youtube channel link****-**

“Our every thought is a bundle of energy that creates sensations of joy or sorrow, & forges our DESTINY for better or worse.”

A great spiritual teacher, vedic scholar and motivational speaker Swami Mukundanada has** 2.14M worldwide subscribers **on youtube. He graduated from IIT,Delhi and post graduation from IIM, Kolkata.  He did a job in some well known  companies for some years but his inclination was towards knowing the eternal truth.

He became ascetic and enlightened himself with the help of his master “Maharaj Ji”. After getting knowledge of all the vedas, upanishads and the Geeta etc., his master chose him to propagate the knowledge of truth all over the world.

He is the founder and leader of JKYog trust which promotes the comprehensive development of the people by imparting true knowledge of our vedas, upanishads and Mahabharta.

His lectures are spiritual as well as logical. He tells the science behind everything.

He talks about every aspect of life for the betterment of human beings, like time management, money management, health, meditation, yoga, focus, determination, control of mind, success, dreams etc.

He is a highly knowledgeable person, who realized the purpose of his life soon.


Now that you know the best youtube motivational speakers, go and check what they can make you learn today. They all are better from one another and unique in their own ways. They all have their own knowledge, experience and perspectives about life and everything. They all have seen through lots of hardships in their life and today they are successful. They can see you through your hurdles.

One thing is certain, only watching their videos will not help you improve until you take action. Implementation is necessary because their lectures will just charge you for a few minutes or hours only, after that it will only be you who will charge and motivate yourself.

They can just show you the path, it is you who will have to walk on that.

Believe me, once you start believing and implementing, you will start feeling a positive change in yourself. influencer marketing platform


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