Top Motivational Influencers On Instagram In India

Fri, Dec 3, 2021

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You have land, seeds, labor and irrigation facilities. You are fully resourceful but the land is not fertile then you can not grow a healthy crop. At that moment, only the right manure and fertilizers can help you attain your goal.

Motivation works as a fertilizer for those who are resourceful and able but got stuck somewhere and feeling helpless, lost, hopeless, confused, diffident, timid, depressive and worthless.

Presently, almost every individual is participating in the Rat-race. Sometimes they even don’t know why they are running in such a race, what they will gain doing it and they put their mental and physical health at stake. influencer marketing platform

Once they realize what they are doing is not what they want, they start feeling negative and the end of the world for them. Many such situations come into people’s life when they do not understand how to get rid of it. And there arises a need for someone who can help them keep moving and heading in their life.

You might ask who can help in such a situation? Are they messengers of God?

The answer is No, they are also like us but can change our thoughts and lives positively.

Motivational influencers have the power to influence people and spark the lives of them with their pragmatic, realistic and inspiring speeches and contents.

This article is all about the top motivational influencers on instagram in India who are trying to add value in people’s lives. They are popularly known for their

Are you ready to know about them one by one?

Let’s proceed then!:)

~~SADHGURU (Jaggi Vasudev)****

**Instagram profile: @**sadhguru

**Followers : **6.3MInstagram sadhguru jaggi vasudevsadhguru jaggi vasudev Jaggi Vasudev is popularly known as “Sadhguru” nationally as well as internationally.He is the founder of ISHA foundation, which is an ashram as well as a yoga center which works on activities like yoga, spirituality, education, environment etc.

He started doing yoga in his teenage years but was not aware of spirituality until he was 25 or 26. Later he started his travelling and meditation journey to know his inner self. After almost a year travelling and exploring, he started imparting his experience and knowledge to the people. He is very fond of travelling and exploring different parts of the world. influencer marketing platform

He has been invited to address many international forums and conferences like the United nations’ millennium peace world summit. He has been honoured with many prestigious awards one of them is Padma Vibhushan, the second highest civilian award for his social welfare through delivering knowledge of spirituality and yoga.

He is a great author and has published many self help books which have come in the bestseller list like A yogi’s guide to crafting your destiny.

He greatly focuses on inner engineering for mental health. His rally program for rejuvenating depleting rivers by growing trees on their banks spread widely and was supported by many celebrities as well.

“Rat race is for rats. As a human being, you can consciously create what you want, without being driven by social compulsions.”

**~~ANUPAM KHER** **Followers : **4.6M **Instagram Profile: @**anupampkher ANUPAM KHERANUPAM KHER

Anupam kher, the name itself tells who he is. He is one of the most talented international actors who has many achievements and awards in his bag. He has performed in more than 500 bollywood as well as hollywood movies. His acting skill is extraordinarily incredible.

He opened an acting school named Actor prepares which churns out outstanding actors. This school provides modern and scientific methods to bring out the actor in students. influencer marketing platform

Anupam kher has also written two bestselling books : *lessons life taught me,*unknowingly  and his autobiography : The best thing about you is you. This established him as a motivational speaker, invited by many institutions and corporations like Harvard, Oxford, MIT etc to address.

He has got his place in top ten social media influencers in 2019. He is a highly respectful, dedicated and optimistic person. He is a great inspiration for all of us.

He also does many charity works. For his social welfare contribution in unprivileged children’s lives he has been awarded the Dalai Lama Award.

He is the person who knows that even if a person reaches heights he should always put his feet on land. On his Instagram account, he shares his inner insights through motivational quotes which give people a thought, spark and bring change in people’s lives.

There are two types of pain, one that hurts and changes us.”

**~~GAUR GOPAL DAS** **Followers : **3.9 M **Instagram Profile: @**gaurgopaldas GAUR GOPAL DASGAUR GOPAL DAS Gaur Gopal Das is a highly appreciated public figure who is a personal couch, monk, lifestyle and motivational strategist, author and filmmaker. He did his engineering and also worked for a company for a short period of time, during this period he realised that he wants to become a lifestyle couch.

Gaur Gopal Das is contributing in changing the lifestyle of people with his deeper spiritual insight. In today’s world, there is so much conflict in relationships, businesses and minds. People are restless because they don’t understand the strategy to balance all the things for living a healthy life. influencer marketing platform

He is a member of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) which is based on the belief of hindu scriptures. We can also sense Bhagwat Geeta’s knowledge in his lectures.

His lectures are engrossing because he adds his sense of humour in them. People can relate to his talks and that’s why they can’t help laughing.

For example:-  They say a perfect guy is a guy who never flirts, who never fights, who never lies, who works hard,  who takes care of kids, who brings a big income home and who doesn’t exist. :-)

He has also authored two bestselling books - Life’s Amazing Secrets: How to find balance and purpose in Life, The way of the Monk : The Four Steps to Peace, Purpose and Lasting Happiness.

“Hard Work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.”

**~~SANDEEP MAHESHWARI** **Followers **: 2.9M **Instagram Profile: @**sandeep__maheshwari SANDEEP MAHESHWARISANDEEP MAHESHWARI When we are discussing the top Indian motivational speakers, it is a must to pop up the name of Sandeep Maheshwari. He is very much popular with youths. He is the man who sees no fear, limitations, failures etc. Being a middle class guy,he struggled a lot, failed many times but didn’t stop. And, today he is a successful entrepreneur. influencer marketing platform

He is the founder of Imagesbazaar, the largest collection of Indian Images in the world at a platform with over 7k clients globally. The idea of **ImagesBazaar **came into his mind when he couldn’t complete his modeling course due to experiencing the harassment and exploitation. He decides to work to make life easier for models.

Experiencing lots of struggles, failures and success, he moved forward to help youths like him who are struggling, confused about what to do in their lives. He encourages youths by telling his simple mantra “Aasaan hai”.He says before being truthful to others, one needs to be truthful to oneself and one should never fear failures in life.

Sandeep maheshwari is invited to many seminars to speak and address people, he does all of these things for free.Even he doesn’t earn from his youtube channel. One of his “Life Changing Seminars’s video” has entered in the Guinness World Records, the most viewed video on Life changing self-education video.

“Once you become Fearless, Life becomes Limitless.”

**~~JAYA KISHORI** **Followers **: 2.7M **Instagram Profile: @**iamjayakishori JAYA KISHORIJAYA KISHORI Jaya Kishori is one of the youngest female spiritual orators and motivational speakers. She is a talented Indian musician who recites Krishna’s bhajans in such a way that everyone forgets all the pains and everything and gets engrossed in Lord krishna.

She is popular with names like “Kishori” and “Meera of Modern Era”.  Her real name is Jaya Sharma. She started reciting bhajans at a very early age of 7 and then she got interested in spiritual knowledge. She has memorised Bhagwat geeta in her childhood. She has recorded more than 20 albums in her own voice which are widely liked by people. influencer marketing platform

She has conducted many spiritual discourses. Whatever is collected and donated by people to her, she further donate that to an NGO, which works for disabled. Because of her devotion, love and spiritual knowledge, she is hugely followed by people on Instagram as well as on youtube.

She is a great motivational speaker. Her lectures are so impactful because she generally gives her real life examples to motivate people and that make people feel relatable. She also tells Mahabharat and Krishna stories.

We can not get the best out of the people if what we always do is criticize”.

**~~SONU SHARMA** **Followers **: 1.7M **Instagram Profile: @**officesonusharma SONU SHARMASONU SHARMA Sonu sharma is a popular motivational speaker , life coach, educator, corporate trainer and a successful entrepreneur. He is the founder of Dynamic India Group.

Having interest in accountancy, he started teaching and along with that accomplished CA examination. He gave his 100% while CA and also established his own empire successfully. influencer marketing platform

His mantra in life is “Believe in yourself”. He motivates people to leave their comfort zone, because living in that you can’t do great things. He is invited by many corporations to address their employees. They pay attention to his speeches and grasp and enjoy them.

He also gives lectures on Network Marketing, challenges, risk etc and impart his knowledge and experience.

Sonu sharma has also authored some self help books to inspire and spread knowledge to people : Network marketing, Prerit Karne Ke Mission Par Agrasar, TIME MANAGEMENT etc.

Winning takes TALENT to repeat takes CHARACTER”.

**~~DR. VIVEK BINDRA** **Followers **: 2.7M **Instagram Profile: @**vivek_bindra DR. VIVEK BINDRADR. VIVEK BINDRA Vivek Bindra is counted in the top motivational influencer list. He is a successful entrepreneur, leadership trainer and a business coach. He is the founder and CEO of Bada Business which helps people grow their business with efficient strategies and growth mindset.

Vivek Bindra’s youtube channel comes in the most subscribed channel in entrepreneurship. On instagram he posts short videos, inspirational quotes and thoughts of his own as well as of top most successful businessmen in the world.

He had a struggling childhood, he was disturbed after the demise of his father and during his MBA, he came in contact with the Bhagwat Geeta, the best motivational, self-help and spiritual book and that brought a positive change in his life. He also posts some shlokas and their meaning on Instagram.

One of his achievements of training the largest gathering at a time is recorded in the Golden Worlds Records.

“To change your Life, you have to change your PRIORITIES.”

**FINAL THOUGHT: **In this article, I tried to sum up top motivational influencers on Instagram. They all are wonderful, unique and have gone through many struggles in their life. Today they all are successful and sharing their experiences and knowledge on different platforms as motivational speakers. They all are trying to bring change in our life and thoughts.

As our thoughts drive us, we should be wise with them. A right and positive thought can do miracles.

Click on their Instagram links and check who inspires you the most!:)

Thank you! influencer marketing platform


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