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Fri, May 14, 2021

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Nowadays, people are very much interested in social media and there are many social media platforms that are very popular amongst people. One such platform is Instagram, which is counted amongst the top social media platforms for marketing and advertising your products. Top tech influencers on Instagram dominate the technology space with their exclusive visual content. Moreover, in this post, we are giving you a list of the 10 **best tech influencers on Instagram **in India. influencer marketing platform

**~Gaurav Chaudhary **(Instagram profile- @technicalguruji)

At present, Gaurav Chaudhary is one of the top tech Instagram influencers. By education, he is an engineer as well as an entrepreneur by profession. He uploaded videos regarding many products such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, and others. His account on Instagram is with the name ‘technical guruji and has more than 2.3M followers. Gaurav ChaudharyGaurav Chaudhary **~Praval Sharma **(Instagram profile- @sharmajitehcnical)

Praval Sharma has 104k followers on his Instagram account and has an account with the name ‘sharmajitechnical’. He is a well-known youtube personality and widely upload his videos on Instagram related to mobile phone review. He also gives updates on the tech world in the Hindi language to reach more audiences in India. You can follow him on Instagram if you want to get updates related to smartphones in the Hindi language in a simple way. Praval SharmaPraval Sharma **~Ranjit Kumar **(Instagram profile- @geekyranjit)

Ranjit Kumar is also an emerging tech influencers on Instagramand is widely known as Geekyranjit. He also has a youtube channel with the same name and has over 3.14M subscribers. You can follow him on Instagram if you want to see reviews regarding laptops, smartphones, and many gadgets. In addition to this, Geekyranjit also offers useful tips on cameras, processors, google hacks, data transfer, and more. Ranjit KumarRanjit Kumar **~Manoj Saru **(Instagram profile- @manojsaru)

Manoj Saru is next on the list of **top tech Instagram influencers. **He is a well-known YouTuber with more than 8M subscribers and has 434k followers on Instagram. He keeps his followers updated on all technical news, product reviews, smartphone releasing date, and much more. If you want to learn some basics, tips, or tricks related to gadgets then you should follow Manoj Saru whose youtube channel name is ‘Technology Gyan’. Manoj SaruManoj Saru **~RuhezAmrelia **(Instagram profile- @technoruhez)

He is one of the top 10 tech YouTubers in India and you can follow him on Instagram too. By following him you will get the Daily Tech News, Smartphone Reviews, Gadgets Review, unboxing, and others. He has 290k followers on his Instagram and makes videos in the Hindi language which is good. So, if you are confused about purchasing a smartphone, then you can follow RuhezAmrelia who is available on Instagram and Youtube as ‘Techno Ruhez’. RuhezAmreliaRuhezAmrelia **~Yogi Yogendra **(Instagram profile- @technicalyogi)

Yogi Yogendraa.k.a Technical Yogi is another tech influencers on Instagramand youtube. He is also known for guiding people on digital marketing through his IGTV videos. He has a profile on Instagram with the name ‘technicalyogi’ and does regular unboxing of many tech products and review videos as well. influencer marketing platform

**~Shraddha Sharma **(Instagram profile- @yourstory_com)

Shraddha Sharma is a top blogger as well as **female tech influencers on Instagram. **She is globally recognized for her website which is the largest media-tech company in India. It brings out the untold stories of entrepreneurship from all over the nation as well as leaders, innovators, and others. Apart from this, Shraddha Sharma through her knowledge and skill to forecast trends has made her one of the best tech influencers amongst the female in India. Shraddha SharmaShraddha Sharma **~Shlok Srivastava **(Instagram profile- @techburner)

Shlok Srivastava, popularly known as ‘techburner’ is a popular YouTuber. He has over 436k followers on his Instagram account and his feed is full of tech videos. You can follow him to get videos and information regarding smartphones. Moreover, he makes hilarious videos that are enough for you to follow him right now. Shlok Srivastava**Shlok Srivastava ** **~Arun Prabhudesai **(Instagram profile- @trackintech)

ArunPrabhudesai has over 2.69M subscribers on his youtube channel and 388k followers on his Instagram account. In his Instagram account, ‘trackintech’ you will find many tech videos in the Hindi language. He is also known for unboxing and reviewing various gadgets, mainly smartphones. Besides, he also has YouTube channels in English and Marathi Language. influencer marketing platformArun PrabhudesaiArun Prabhudesai **~Hitesh Kumar **(Instagram profile- @technicaldostofficial)

Hitesh Kumar has a YouTube channel ‘Technical Dost’ and has millions of subscribers. He is one of the newest **top tech Instagram influencers **who has 96.5k followers. On his Instagram account, you will find videos and reviews on various smartphones, internet knowledge, tech news, and many more. On the other hand, his YouTube videos and IGTV videos are in the Hindi language. Hitesh Kumar**Hitesh Kumar ** Final Words

So, are you the one who is passionate about the latest technology? If yes, then you can follow the **best tech influencers on Instagram **that are mentioned above in the post. These influencers have millions of followers on their Instagram and subscribers on youtube as well. Thus, you can follow them right now if you want to connect with the digital world and tech products. influencer marketing platform


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