Top Travel Instagram Influencers in India

Mon, Jul 26, 2021

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Maybe you love to travel but have no time for planning, or you have a travel partner who doesn’t like planning at all. Maybe your budget is limited, but you don’t want to cut down on the quality of your trip. If you’re looking for help, we have laid down the top travel Instagram influencers in India that you should follow! These travel Instagram Influencers can help you create awareness for your brand and attract more customers. If you aren’t following these influencers yet, don’t worry it’s not too late to follow them now

Ajay Sood: Travelure

Ajay Sood runs ‘Travelure‘. He is a Getty Photographer and the 2016 winner of OSM (Outlook Social Media) Photographer of the Year by Outlook Magazine. His Instagram feed gives you a glimpse of the Indian Culture. He also teaches his experiences through his page “Travelure”  He recently spoke on ‘The 7 Deadly Sins of Travel Photography’ at TBEX Europe 2018 (Ostrava, Czech Republic). Ajay Sood: TravelureAjay Sood: Travelure Siddharta Joshi: Siddhartajoshi

He started his page by sharing his posts with friends which eventually led to creating his Travel blog page “Sid-The Wanderer” His posts are quite quirky and interesting to read. He grew organically and you can check out his blog page as he also gives tips on how to be a travel blogger and grow organically. SiddhartajoshiSiddhartajoshi Shivya Nath: Shivya

Shivya quit her full-time job to choose a nomadic life.  She travels slow, seeks offbeat and local experiences, stays in a place for a few weeks or as long as it inspires her, and move on. In 2019, she launched The Shooting Star Collection – sustainable travel-inspired clothing that raises funds to grow forests in Uttarakhand. She was quite daring to leave her corporate job and do things out of her comfort zone. You can check out her page to see what she is up to now. ShivyaShivya Archana Singh: travelseewrite

She is a brand management expert turned travel entrepreneur who loves to visit offbeat places in search of untold human stories. She has won many Photography at Pixoto and her stories have been published in The Hindu, Tribune, Times of India and many more. travelseewritetravelseewrite Nivedith Gajapathy: Nivedithig

He became a full-time travel blogger in 2015 by quitting his full-time job. He is a macro travel blogger. Macro travel refers to more of your personal experience rather than the destination. He focuses on culinary tourism and is a science enthusiast. NivedithigNivedithig Seema Gurnani: pandareviewz

She is a vegetarian who wants to travel the world and eat different cuisines. She has been featured by YourStory, The Hindu, Zeebiz, Femina and many more. You can see her love for food and travel through her posts. She also quit her job to become a full-time blogger. pandareviewzpandareviewz Footloose Dev: Footloosedev

He is one of the top travel Instagram bloggers in India for you to look upon because his love for travelling is inspiring. He is the Founder of “Footloose Camp” Besides giving tips about travelling he also teaches people how to make money from travel blogging. FootloosedevFootloosedev Ami Bhat: amibhat

“A restless ball of energy born with a travel bug”, says Ami when asked about herself. If you have quit your job and want to know how to manage as a full-time travel blogger then you should follow her. She is a marketing consultant turned into a travel blogger and writer. She has also written her experiences through a book called “When places come alive” amibhatamibhat Swati and Sam: swati_n_sam

If you are a couple who love to travel then follow Swati and Sam. they are a couple who have travelling 16 international destinations and some exciting destinations in India too, you can’t help but fall in love with their cuteness. swati_n_samswati_n_sam Karthick Murali: hkmurali

He is a data scientist with over 13 years of experience on road. If you are a tech buff into travelling then you should check out his blog “An Asian Traveller” He has also been featured in the Lonely Planet and Indian Express. hkmuralihkmurali Anuradha Goyal: anuradhagoyal

Anuradha Goyal’s “IndiTales” blog tells the people three things about travel that are not said enough—You can travel while juggling a busy profession, you have to make your own time to start your adventures and you should pursue what your heart wants without any excuses. She is a true inspiration to other budding bloggers. anuradhagoyalanuradhagoyal Arun Bhatt: arunchs

“I tend to book only the first night of my trip and leave everything else open”, says Arun Bhat. His stories are not normal, while his stories say something, his photos say something entirely opposite giving the people an unreal experience. You should follow him for his beautiful photography and untold stories. arunchsarunchs Final Thoughts: These are the top travel influencers on Instagram that you must follow. All these influencers had one thing in common, a passion for travelling. You can refer to these travel influencers to grow as travel bloggers. Learn from their mistakes and start your journey now.


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