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Tue, Oct 12, 2021

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Before Talking about Influencer Marketing, first, you need to know who is an Influencer.

A social media influencer is someone who has built a reputation in a certain sector like Instagram, Youtube, Tik Tok, Snapchat, etc., has access to a large audience, and can encourage others to follow their advice. In fact, Influencer Marketing is quickly developing into a crucial weapon for Brand Building. How Content Creators were Born

As Internet access increased all over the world, people started exploring the various platforms available like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter, by posting relevant pictures, videos, content, etc. for others to view. And the content viewers resonated the most with generated huge popularity and the person behind or in it became an influencer.

This is how social media influencers were born, and they rapidly drew marketers’ attention.

Influencers have the means and credibility to continuously draw visitors and can inspire others to increase their social reach.

Influencer Marketing is when Brands Collaborate with Influencers to Raise brand recognition or conversions within a certain target demographic.

Influencer marketing is a very effective tactic. As a result, many businesses are interested in partnering with well-known social media influencers to promote their products.

“Over the last five years, brands have collaborated with social media influencers across channels to generate awareness, and influencer marketing grew from an ancillary marketing tactic to a $5-10 billion dollar industry.”

What Makes Influencer Marketing Unique-

● Influencer marketing content delivers **11X higher ROI **than traditional forms of digital marketing

● When making purchasing decisions, **49% of people **say they rely on recommendations from influencers.

● Twitter users report a **5.2X increase **in the intent to purchase when exposed to influencer-sponsored content.

● It is viewed by **73% of Millennials **as a responsibility to guide friends, peers, and family toward smart purchase decisions.● **70% of influencers **feel that the most effective way to collaborate with brands is through an influencer marketing platform.

Famous Tik Tok Stars like- Charli D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Bella Porch, etc.

To Instagram Famous- Aweez Darbar, Nagma Mirajkar, Aashika Bhatia, Komal Pandey, etc.

To Youtube Famous- Ashna Shroff, Ashish Chanchlani, Carryminati, etc.

These famous influencers have one thing in common **Influencer Marketing- **Being approached by various different brands for their promotion,

For Instance, Since being associated with Charlie D’Amelio, Brands like Dunkin Donuts, Morphe, etc have seen a tremendous increase in their sales.

“40% of people say they have made an online purchase after seeing an item used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter, Vine, or YouTube “

Influencers be it Social media or Actors if their content and audience align with what you want to promote or what your business supports, they might be a useful marketing tool. Working with an influencer offers up new opportunities for your company that you may not have considered previously.

The Uniqueness of Influencer marketing is “It will never get old unless people stop using social media”

What influencer marketing has to offer is at par than any other marketing, before buying any product online people look for suggestions and reviews, and if given by their favorite Instagramer or Youtuber their chances of buying increase.

Nykaa could be a great example of Influencer Marketing- Since having Jhanvi Kapoor onboard for their official makeup brand line and promoter, has seen an increase in their brand awareness, sales, and Improved brand advocacy.


Influencer marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. And In today’s marketing, no company’s strategy should be complete without a social media strategy. Effectively utilizing social media may assist you in selling items to targeted audiences, encouraging ordinary users to write about you, and connecting you with “influencers” who can persuade their large audiences to purchase your products.


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