What are the best influencer marketing networks in India?

Wed, Jan 13, 2021

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Influencer Marketing has become a buzzword in the digital media sphere. Owing to its growing popularity, many new influencer marketing networks are mushrooming up these days in the marketplace, transforming this industry altogether.

But the question of the best influencer marketing networks in India is subjective to one’s individual business needs. Every business has unique goals. So you need to choose a network that helps you fulfill your goals in the best way possible. And for this, it is important that you first understand what these networks are and how they work.

Basically, Influencer marketing is the promotion of products and services of a brand by influencer marketers. It works on the idea of celebrity endorsements, but here the brand promoters are influencer marketers.

Who are Influencer Marketers?

Influencer Marketers are social media personalities with a dedicated niche following. They are innovative content creators with an active audience engagement on social media. Their followers rely on their advice/recommendations/opinions on niche-specific subjects. Since they share a genuine connection with their followers, these influencer marketers have the power to shape or alter the audience’s perception of a brand.

Influencer marketers collaborate with brands for influencer marketing campaigns whose goals are to:

  • Raise brand awareness and strengthen the brand image.
  • Increase social media engagements.
  • Enhance lead conversions.
  • Gain customer insights.

The success of influencer marketing campaigns highly depends on the relevancy of the influencer marketer to the brand. There are different types of influencers in the marketplace, and not every influenceris the right fit for a brand.

Types of Influencers

Based on the engagement rates and audience size, influencers are categorized into four major types.


Mega-Influencers are the top-most influencers on social media with typically a follower base of over one million. Actors, Sportsperson, and other notable personalities come under this category. They have a diverse audience base with considerably low engagement rates.


Macro-Influencers are well-established influencers with a follower-base of around 100k to 500k. They can be professional bloggers, vloggers, YouTubers, reality TV stars, among others. They have decent engagement rates and are good for broad demographic reach in a specific niche.


Micro-Influencers are people with 1k-100k follower-base. Like macro-Influencers, they also cater to a specific industry but are more relatable to their audience. They have higher engagements and stronger audience relationships than a typical mega or macro influencer. Because of their status as industry experts, their brand relevance is quite high.


Nano-Influencers are a relatively new type of influencers. They tend to have a smaller number of followers, usually less than 1,000. Their influence is limited to a specific community, but their engagement rates are the highest among all.

Different types of influencers deliver different results. While mega and macro-influencers are good for brand awareness, micro and nano influencers are best for targeting a specific audience. They also play a key role in initiating brand conversations among their followers leading to stronger brand loyalty.

Finding a relevant influencer is a difficult and time-consuming process. But Influencer marketing networks make this task easier through their technology and expertise in the domain.

What is an Influencer Marketing Network?

An influencer marketing network is a technology service that connects brands with relevant influencers. These networks use a combination of machine learning and traditional marketing practices to assist brands with their influencer marketing campaigns. They have a massive searchable database of influencers associated with them. Some networks also extend their services to influencer marketplace, content amplification, third party analytics, and so on.

FamStar is one such leading **influencer marketing network****and software **providing dedicated support for influencer discovery, creatives production, talent, campaign and relationship management, etc. Their content library offers endless influencer content that brands can avail and influencers can monetize. FamStar’s unique approach towards influencer marketing makes it among the best influencer marketing companies in India.

You should certainly try out your options to compare and then choose.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing Networks

There are several benefits of working with influencer marketing networks for both brands and influencers.

For Influencers

  • Additional time to focus on content creation.
  • Freedom to choose which brands to work with.

For Brands

  • Analytics-based relevant influencers tracking.
  • Automated process saving time and energy.
  • Economical option leading to higher ROI (return on investment).

Factors to Consider for Choosing an Influencer Marketing Company

Working with the right influencer marketing company is the key to a fruitful influencer marketing campaign. When evaluating an influencer marketing network, here are the most important factors that you should consider.

  • Content
  • Demographic Analytics
  • Engagements
  • Average Reach
  • Frequency

Before choosing a company, always do your research and define the goals you want to achieve through the influencer marketing campaign. It will provide you clarity and equip you with the understanding to choose a network that best serves your interest and gets you the highest return on investment.

Those were my two cents on influencer marketing networks. Hope this helps!


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