Pay your Creators with Ease: Simplifying the Payment Process for a More Productive Workflow

Tired of time-consuming payment processes?

Famstar is the solution you've been looking for! We work with brands, agencies, and talent managers to automate payments and streamline the process of working with freelancers and influencers.


Discover Influencers from filtered data

  1. Automated payouts for all creators through agency partnerships.
  2. Tax reporting and compliance taken care of for your creators.
  3. Simplified invoicing and payment processes through our platform.
  4. Hassle-free vendor onboarding paperwork elimination.
  5. Automated creator payouts with our Brand partnerships.
  6. No more tax reporting or compliance headaches for freelancer work.


Boost Your Brand with Successful Influencer Campaigns

  1. Analyze influencer data to identify those with strong social media influence.
  2. Engage influencers with detailed briefs that align with your brand goals and messages.
  3. Optimize your budget through open bidding and competitive price negotiation with talented partners.
  4. Approve content that expands your customer base and products/services to new user groups.
  5. Handpick posts that best represent your brand and increase engagement with your target audience.


Track, Analyze and Improve Your Social Media Campaigns

  1. Keep a close eye on your campaigns with our real-time monitoring tools.
  2. Analyze campaign performance and optimize your social media strategy.
  3. Maximize ROI by tracking reach, impressions, conversions, and value added.
  4. Download detailed reports for future reference and actionable insights.
  5. Use data to identify strong campaigns and filter out underperforming influencers.

Better Customer Service Whatever Your Needs



Set up campaigns in minutes and access potential prospects quickly



Attract more people with fresh content and indirect marketing



Use in-built analytics to measure influencer efforts and create direct sales leads



Chat directly with content creators to enhance marketing efficiency



Tax compliance documentation provided by Famstar.


Instant Payouts

Creators can opt for early pay for instant payouts when approved.


Built for Scale

Approver workflows, bulk payments, and scheduled payments.


Talent Managers

Pay your roster, manage commissions, and eliminate vendor paperwork with us.