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Build an engaging influencer marketing program that
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Support your flexibility of being an influencer with a platform that provides discovery tools for various engaging campaigns. Drill your way through multiple options to find brands that match the most with your unique style. Increase your visibility by gaining credibility with our unique rating system and allow your content to be valued. Earn via pitching, referring, sharing your influencer journey and blogging.


How it Works

Powerful Search Algorithm

Find the right influencers for your brand. Famstar’s unrivaled influencer discovery is complemented by filters like gender, age, location, etc. for easy accessibility..

Profile insights

Narrow your search by looking through detailed insights of past work of the influencers, their engagement rates, and review their ability to connect with your audience.

Save Your Favourite

Create & maintain a bucket list, grow your community by listing favorites and get in touch with them with just a click.

Campaign Creation

Analyse influencer’s data to understand how they stack against your brand. Identify people who have a strong influence on social media and create detailed briefs to engage with them

Open Bidding

Optimise your budget, match bids to target the influencers and negotiate a competitive price. Partner with the most talented minds and run exciting campaigns.

Content Approval

Approve the content that meets your goals and message. Handpick posts that increase your customer base and expand your products and services into new user groups.

Monitor Campaigns

Cultivate your brand visibility by managing campaigns right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Monitor the posts and their respective results in real time.


Track the reach, impressions, conversions & total value addition of campaign, post or influencer. Use the data to improve the effectiveness of your social media marketing program.

Download Reports

Download reports and summarise entire factors for future reference. Identify strong campaigns, filter out low performing influencers and turn information into actionable insight.


How Campaign Works

Create campaign

Create campaigns easily by defining your audience, goals and preferred social media platforms. Set your budget, get bids accordingly and approve only those projects that meet your criteria.

Select Influencers

Pick the content creators who meet your reach, traffic, engagement and conversion standards. Pick between cross bidding and one to one negotiations.

Monitor Your Performance

Evaluate the effectiveness of the posts in increasing brand awareness, reaching new audiences, and release the payment only after approving the content.

Launch the campaign

Increase awareness of your products and encourage trials by opening your campaigns to all influencers.

Set your goal

Mention how much reach you want and define an agreeable engagement rate. Take benefit of Famstar’s auto budget suggestions to launch quick campaigns.

Enjoy your reach

Get automated reports on influencers’ creative content and release payments only for those posts that meet the campaign goals.

Better Customer Service
whatever your needs


Find the right influencer to talk about your products. Set up your campaigns in minutes and gain access to potential prospects.


Allow a fresh take on content to attract attention of more people. Use indirect marketing to influence individuals who have become desensitised to your core message.


Connect with the influencer to create direct sales lead. Identify the top of the line individuals and use in-built analytics to measure their efforts.


Chat with content creators directly after approving them to enhance the efficiency of your marketing cycle.

50k+ creators

Inspiring action through great content

Famstar happy customer

Famstar provided us with executing the campaign for HCCB's 14th anniversary just so seamlessly. It was so easy for us to check the analytics of our campaign and know how well it performed for us. Thanks to team Famstar!

~ Shruthi Bhojamma

Working with Famstar turned out to be really impressive for us. We reached to them for the influencer marketing of our new song release to which they outstood on the expectations and that too in such a short and sudden notice.

~ Nitin Narang