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What we propose

With the right valuation of work minus the barter system, you have the power to drive customer loyalty, maximize revenue for brands and increase social reach. Our Content Farm allows you to produce & save your creative content for the brands to explore, select & pay through the best influencer marketing software.

Why Choose Us

Why creators love us!

Get paid within 24 hours*

Once the brands give their approval for the post, you will post your creative content. Once it is submitted, your money gets deposited to their Famstar wallet within 24-hours.

Transparent bidding

Explore the campaigns posted by the brands. Everyone on Famstar app has the opportunity to bid on a campaign. For us, you all are our FAM.

Pitch with your creative content

Brands are always on the lookout for people who can understand their POV. When you submit with your creative, brands see the connection and approve your style, it is awesome to collaborate with them.

Copyright content

Don't sell your content for free. Until a brand approves and buys your content piece, we safeguard your posts. Your content is copyright protected with us.

How it works

Let's set you up for the future

Create an Account

Create your account, set up your profile, pick your niche, connect your social profiles and become a part of Famstar's community.

Build your Profile

Add more details about your content creation style, personal info, specialities - it enables brands to find you easily.

Explore & Collaborate

Determine what your posts are worth and set a fixed price. When a brand selects your posts and buys it, you can get paid within 24 hours.


Engagement campaign

Explore campaigns

Explore the campaigns posted by brand, study the guidelines provided and understand their goals.

Post first

Post your creative content directly on your social media profile as per the brief given in the campaign. No approvals required.

Get paid as you engage

Pay-as-you-engage is as simple as it sounds. The more engagement your post receives, the higher is the amount that you get.

Payments are cleared within 24 hours

One of the biggest challengers that influencers face is of getting their payment on time. Famstar has made it possible to level up and ensure that influencers get paid within 24-hours of their content submission. The platform gives transparency and power to creators who become the face of successful brands.

My name is Mansi Wadhwa and I recently worked with Famstar on a very special campaign. Although it was our first association, I was highly impressed by the clarity of communication and highest degree of professionalism shown by all the representatives of Famstar who were connected with me for the campaign. The payment was super swift and it was just an overall wonderful experience working with them. I hope to maintain our work relationship with them on a long term basis.

Mansi Wadhwa


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