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Why Famstar?

Waste no more time in reaching out to potential customers. Connect directly with them through a network of influencers via Famstar- the best platform for influencer marketing


People no longer just buy goods and services. They buy stories, experiences, and magic

Find the best influencers who bring people closer to your brand. Explore our broad network of highly connected individuals and choose the ones you need. Influencer discovery helps you to find the perfect match by using filters and keywords based on your preferred criteria of selection, like age, location, city, category of influencer, and much more.


There are exceptional ways out there to take your brand to the next level. All you have to do is find people who can do it for you.

You can now create campaigns that bring tangible results. Get everything you need to manage influencer relationships, contact information, campaign bids, and data. Use our built-in automation feature to ensure favourable responses and better ROI.


Influencers are selling like hotcakes. They’re creating huge returns for the brands, and they’re only set to keep growing.

Get intuitive analytics of every job done right. With the help of powerful systematic computational analysis, measure everything from reach, views, social value, and conversion to ROI. The platform uses multiple ways to measure the impact of your marketing efforts.

Join the community and get discovered by leading brands!


Saturated and highly competitive, we know how difficult influencer marketing can be without the right tools. It is no longer a social media hobby, but a full-time career that requires the constant creation of engaging content. With your time getting spent in researching, planning, analysing, writing, and web management of this content, we make it easy for brands to find you and pay for your hard work. Famstar is the top platform for influencers as it is a transparent platform that makes it easy for you to get discovered, complete your projects and earn big time.

Download the Famstar app, and start earning right away.

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Why Choose Us

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91% of companies using influencer marketing report it to be effective


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Why Choose Us


Automate your Influencer Marketing activities using our proprietary technology. Use it to develop brand awareness, increase your revenue, and reach out to thousands, even millions of potential consumers across cities and countries.

Smart Discovery

Famstar intelligently helps clients in discovering the right influencers for their brands, products & services and earn 11 times better return on investment than other traditional forms of digital marketing.

AI Powered Platform:

You no longer have to sift through social media accounts and profiles to determine who is and isn’t an influencer. Our AI does all the background work to give you a seamless experience

Engagement Campaigns

Effortlessly connect with influencers and make your brand visible to a range of audience. Create your campaign, submit your brief, performance matrix, geographical location preference, hashtags, etc.. and get the results.

Pay As You Engage

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing and promising fields of marketing, and is expected to grow $9.7 billion by 2021.

Be better than your competitors in using the collective content creation power of influencers to drive in better visibility of your brand. Select the most suitable creators to be a part of your campaign and measure the results in real-time.


of marketers say that customers gained from influencer marketing are higher-quality than those gained from other kinds of marketing

Tools & Resources

Tools & Resources

Resources to help you become savvy at leveraging influence to drive measurable results for your campaigns

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Frequently Asked Questions

Influencer marketing platform is a form of a marketing platform that focuses on using key personnel to drive a brand's message to the larger market. It is a form of collaboration with social media users who have accumulated a large number of followers to endorse and place a brand's product in the market.

Through influencer marketing platforms, a specific niche can be targeted to make your brand talk of the town, if done smartly. Basically, it is a way of using the expertise of the influencer of a respective field to cater/target a set of audiences/users which could become probable customers in the future.

In layman language, influencer marketing is used to spread awareness about a brand among its probable customers through increased social media engagement. An Influencer is someone who has a direct or indirect influence over their follower's purchasing decisions.

Influencers must have a combination of three key factors: reach, credibility and salesmanship. The higher these three factors, the higher they influence the potential of an individual.

It is important considering consumers trust the influencers they follow. Through social media and its varied channels, influencers connect with the customers and create successful marketing strategies.

Influencer Meet-Ups:

Influencers help cover meet-ups, events, press conferences, among other things via sharing Live or posting about it to help a brand get better coverage.

Thes meetups are designed specifically for influencers to come together, talk, and learn how to enhance their reach and improve their portfolio.

Ratings and Reviews:

Feedback, ratings and reviews are vital during a buying process, even more so than TV, e-commerce and search engine ads. With ratings and reviews, public opinion can be assessed. Moreover, selling products on online platforms requires a certain level of transparency which comes from these reviews and ratings, and considered best practices for businesses.

Engaging Content:

Influencers create engaging content and help brands reach their desired consumers. Different kinds of content like giveaways, contests, videos, live streaming, among others, makes for engaging and effective content required to drive more relevant traffic to the brand's website. With engaging content, a visitor values the time spent on creating it and encourages the probable customers to learn more about the brand.

Celebrity Influencers:

Celebrity influencers have millions of followers which are directly proportional to more reaching more prospective customers. They also have nationwide reach which means more exposure to the business. Always ensure that your chosen celebrity matches the targeted market niche. Thereafter, closely monitor the data of the campaign to determine the ROI for your business.

Macro Influencers:

Macro-Influencers have a large number of followers, and these include celebrities who reach a larger set of audience through social media. Macro-influencers also offer a wide audience range translating to more reach, higher level of professionalism and much more.


Micro-Influencers have relatively less social media followers but they have higher engagement rates as compared to macro-influencers. Micro-Influencers develop personal relationships with followers who show genuine interest in their content. They are especially helpful in turning leads to genuine revenue.

Nano Influencers

Nano influencers are specialists in a small close-knit community. They have the lowest followers count with less than 15K, but their overall engagement rates are the highest. They are the most relatable type of influencers among audiences as their lifestyle is similar to that of everyday people. Nano influencers’ platform distribution comprises 56.57% of Instagram, 30.30% of Twitter, 7.07% of YouTube, and 6.06% of Facebook. They are the most cost-efficient types of influencers with a genuine audience bond. However, they are the least curated in terms of content. They also do not have access to features like ‘Swipe Up’ on Instagram for adding a direct CTA.Growth of Influencer Marketing Agency In India.


Selecting the right influencer for your marketing campaign can be challenging. With so many terms coined around influencer types and roles, it can be tricky to understand what will work the best for your brand. While mega and macro-influencers are good for building brand awareness, micro and nano influencers excel at driving actions from followers. To fulfil all the different marketing objectives, it is recommended that brands utilize an intermix of all influencers-type at various stages of their influencer marketing campaigns.

Famstar is the best influencer marketing agency where brands can get the best engaging content from top influencers of India for their campaign. Influencer marketing is a booming industry and it has become very dire for Brands to make use of the best influencer marketing agency, especially given the Pandemic, people tend to spend more time on social media, but other than that they also trust the influencer’s words.

Famstar provides the best influencer campaigns in India. You can connect with the top influencers and bid on them according to your requirements. All the influencer’s credentials are reviewed before they join Famstar, you needn’t worry about safety issues for your brand.

Famstar is The best platform for top influencers, you get to work with different Brands and build your portfolio at the same time. Is that all you get? No!! You get paid within 24 hours, you needn’t sell content for free unless a brand approves and buys your content. You get the choice to choose the brand campaigns of your niche!