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Wed, Jan 20, 2021

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India has taken to social media like fish to water. Its influence is evident throughout society. With the increasing number of mobile phone users, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat has seen an increased number of followers. Due to this increased presence of users on these platforms, digital marketing became one of the most sought after things for the small and big businesses alike. Due to the influence of social media and people who have a high number of followers (which are also known as influencers these days), brands are opting for them instead of celebrities to promote their products and services.

Not only it is easy to reach them but they are also cheaper and provide higher ROIs. However, there is no way to determine a success formula. Platforms like TikTok or Facebook is open to innovation. It allows the freedom to explore a niche you like. This freedom also gave birth to the new breed of fashion bloggers aka bloggers. And they present the new age approach or career option of earning from social media. influencer marketing platform Fashion is an essential part of our lives, and we all have a unique sense of style. While some may be born fashionistas, others need a little help to keep up with the trends. And this is where the top Facebook influencers in India have the most impact to create. Thanks to these superhumans who make it possible for anybody to understand the nuances of fashion to develop a better sense of style. Because they understand body types, colour, and trends across cultures, they can seamlessly create looks that offer inspiration to people who find joy in dressing up – all the way making a decent amount of money.

While there may be numerous fashion bloggers in India, In this article, we will explore the range of influencers and content creators who are loved by their followers and brands who want to work with them. They are creative with content creation and are mostly trending, which makes the cut for being one of the best influencers on Facebook We bet that once you go through the list, you will want to follow them for their amazing, authentic fashion choices. Let’s explore!

Navya loves to travel besides creating different fashion styles for the Instagram profile. She is loved by her close to 150k followers that make her one of the most promising fashion influencers of 2021. You will be tempted to follow her after going through her feed. Navya RameshNavya Ramesh

~Karron S Dhingra:

Karron makes everyone believe that fashion is not just for the other sex, men are equally crazy for it. One of the most loved male fashion influencers on facebook’s profile oozes with drool-worthy pictures and the lawyer-turned-fashionista shares fresh and trendy outfits, making him one of the highly sought celebrity fashion influencers in 2021 His grooming ideas and “feel great” moments makes him one to follow on Instagram. Karron S DhingraKarron S Dhingra

~Usaamah Siddiqui:

Usaamah started The Dapper Label and is working with a celebrity stylist. His Instagram profile is known for straightforward dressing ideas and is one to follow if you want to keep up-to-date with the current happenings in the world of men’s fashion. Usaamah SiddiquiUsaamah Siddiqui

~Vidhushree Arya:

Another diva is Vidhushree whose facebook fashion blogger introduction says ‘forever on vacation’ which her feed justifies. From Kashmir to Istanbul, there’s a style in each of those photos and it will make you want to travel to those places. A good idea would be to plan a holiday with your better half by getting inspired from Vidhushree’s feed. Vidhushree AryaVidhushree Arya

~Kritika Khurana:

She is a famous facebook fashion blogger known for her makeup advice, tips and tricks for seasonal fashion and styling. She travels and captures the beauty for her 500k Instagram followers. best beauty care regimes and reviews on popular products. Go follow her if you want to glam up like a doll. Kritika KhuranaKritika Khurana

~Sonali Mitra:

This bong beauty is another prominent name in the platform of fashion influencers and bloggers in India and is one of the leading female fashion influencers on facebook. Her simplicity is evident if you look at her profile. As one of the top beauty influencers on Instagram in India, Skincare and lifestyle brands love her and she gives them worth their money with her slaying attires ranging from traditional to western. Sonali MitraSonali Mitra

~Tejeshwar Sandhoo:

He is India’s finest male fashion influencer on facebook who continues to inspire masses with his fashion choices. Sandhoo is living his life and has been an inspiration for men and women alike since he was young. It shows in his experimental sense of dressing and fashion. Tejeshwar SandhooTejeshwar Sandhoo

~Shambhavi Mishra:

She started her blogging journey in 2016 with her blog named #talksassy and since then, she hasn’t looked back. She likes to create clothes which are more realistic and less ‘ramp-model-like’. which makes her one of the top relatable Indian fashion bloggers on Instagram and Facebook. Real-life fashion inspirations and affordable trending styles are all you will find her pages focused when it comes to the content, so go follow her. Shambhavi MishraShambhavi Mishra

~Pooja Mundhra:

Pooja is another fashion blogger and influencer who believes in her simplicity. The less, the more, you will get clear if you visit her Instagram profile. She has over 345k followers on Instagram; her followers love to get influenced by an extraordinary sense of fashion. She can turn a simple piece of cloth into a style statement seamlessly. Pooja MundhraPooja Mundhra People say fashion is subjective. It can inspire and make you feel better but it will never be boring. Be it western, traditional or any other style, fashion will also bring freshness to the dullness in one’s life. If you wish to be entertained and inspired, follow these micro bloggers and their journeys. Dream to be the next diva or sassy trendsetters and the sky’s the limit for you. Go on now! influencer marketing platform


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