Famstar Announces the Launch of its Influencer Marketing Platform

Sat, Jan 16, 2021

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Famstar is an influencer marketing platform helping influencers and brands create bigger impact using an intermix of creativity, technology and user-centric vision.

**Chandigarh, January 15, 2021: **Announcing the launch of its influencer marketing platform, Famstar is set to help 61% of brands struggling with their influencer marketing campaigns. By partnering with creative social media influencers, Famstar will streamline content creation, execution, and management of influencer marketing campaigns. Famstar facilitates fruitful campaigns that connect audiences, monetize influencers, and pay-off brands.

Famstar helps brands to select relevant influencers for their campaigns based on social insights and data. Famstar uses a cloud-based solution to analyze influencers on parameters like engagement rates, content quality, personality, connections, etc. It connects brands with influencers whose target audience and messaging resonate with them, leading to greater authenticity and relatability. For influencers, Famstar offers a marketing solution, helping them partner with brands of their choice and earn money through sponsorship deals.

With the rapid growth of influencer marketing in recent years, more than 90% of marketers are including it in their overall marketing strategy. However, reports suggest that 61% of marketers do not have the right tools to measure and manage their influencer marketing campaigns. Lack of standardized rates and outdated criteria for influencer selection further result in brands facing challenges with their approach to influencer marketing. By using targeted tools and techniques, Famstar helps brands optimize their marketing strategy to generate maximum ROI while ensuring data transparency.

Famstar also offers influencers and brands the complete freedom to create content. It allows a free flow of creativity in a variety of niches to empower brands to tell stories that influence and drive actions. With people consuming more content on social media, Famstar is encouraging meaningful interactions to develop healthy work relationships.

“Managing successful marketing campaigns requires effective planning and information in real-time. With Famstar, both influencers and brands can create content that resonates with their followers to gain maximum ROI with less expenditure. We are looking to bring transparency to an industry which needs it the most” said Md. Zeeshan, Head - Brand Communication,


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