How to cleanse your account of Ghost Followers?

Mon, Jul 26, 2021

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Having Ghost followers on your account is quite inevitable. Especially when you are trying to grow your account. A lot of the people who follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites you use probably won’t ever read one of your posts, let alone buy anything from you. These are known as “ghost followers” or “zombie followers” and they are a big problem.

What are Ghost followers?

Ghost followers are generally those accounts that follow your account but do not engage with your account. There are many reasons why they don’t engage with your account such as: cleanse your account of Ghost Followerscleanse your account of Ghost Followers

  • The user may not find your content relevant.
  • Your content may not be showing in their feed.
  • The user is a spam account and doesn’t engage with your content at all.

You must have noticed few accounts having few followers but following many accounts. Yes, they are ghost accounts that do not engage with your content, which indeed can be a major hassle when it comes to tracking your performance.

Why are Ghost Followers bad for you?

Having a few Ghost followers will not make much of a difference, but having many can hinder your engagement. For example, if an account has 60,000 followers, but only 30-50 likes per photo, this results in questioning your account’s credibility. So even if you have beautiful content, having too many ghost followers will haywire your metrics.

We at Famstar- the best influencer marketing platform have laid down few ways you can cleanse your account of Ghost followers.

#Go the old fashioned way:

To remove Ghost followers there is no shortcut, you have to go the old fashion way by taking a pen and paper, slowly see all your followers that look like the picture below. Unfollow them manually. To do this one needs patience, but at the end of it, you’d feel happy. Go the old fashioned way **#Download ghost cleansing app: **You can also download certain ghost cleanse apps from your Play store which is absolutely free. One such app is called “Ghost follower Instagram” Once, you download the app and login into your account. This app would search for ghost followers and it highlights the ghost accounts for you to remove.

How do you get Ghost Followers?

**#Don’t buy followers: **Buying followers from certain websites will indeed fetch you more followers, but you will gain many Ghost Followers, eventually haywire your performance metrics. Moreover, there would be a high chance for Instagram to ban your account.

#**Avoid purchasing a Pre-Existing account: **You’d never know what these pre-existing accounts contain. Many companies sell these pre-existing accounts with a certain number of followers. The problem with these pre-existing accounts is that they are filled with Ghost followers.

#**Don’t buy likes or comments: **When you buy likes or comments from certain online agencies or websites, your account will end up having multiple ghost followers.

#**Giveaways: **Giveaways can be good for you to get maximum engagement to your account but if the giveaway does not align with your brand, you will end up getting ghost followers. Therefore, be relevant when you announce a giveaway.

**#Changing nice: **It’s good to try something new but there is a high possibility for you to gain ghost followers when you suddenly shift to a different niche. The followers may not find your posts relevant and hence will not engage with your posts at all.

**#Instagram Algorithm: **The Instagram Algorithm is a messy concept to understand. The algorithm is built based on three criteria:

  • Recency- It tracks how recent your post is?
  • Relationship- It checks if you are actively interacting with other users?
  • Interest- It tracks if people are interested in your post?

So what happens is that even though your content is relevant to another user. The algorithm may stop showing your posts on the other user’s feed, therefore creating a ghost follower to your account.

**#Wrong Posts: **Yes, when you post something that is not of your niche, you end up with ghost followers as your audience do not find it relevant and will not engage with these posts. So avoid posting any wrong content that doesn’t match your niche.

#**Going Viral: **Certain posts or reels may go viral and be re-posted by an account that isn’t relevant to your niche. Resulting in new followers that aren’t interested in your content and may not engage with your posts at all.

What does Instagram do with Ghost Followers?

Well lucky for you, Instagram looks for spam or ghost accounts and remove them from your account. When you lose some followers, don’t worry it’s these ghost followers and you are way better off without them.

What can you do instead of deleting Ghost Followers?

If you find cleansing your account from ghost followers an irritating process then you can do the following things instead is totry to understand critically what your audience wants to see. What niche do they find relevant? You gain ghost followers when they don’t engage with your content because they don’t find it relevant. So to fix that post content that will be interested in which will convert them to your actual followers.

Now to understand what your audience like, you should like their posts. Give meaningful comments to their posts. Build a connection with them so that they interact with your posts. Besides, you can also make use of Instagram Live videos to capture your audience’s attention and understand them better.

**FINAL THOUGHTS: **Too many Ghost Followers in your account will result in disrupting your metrics and as an influencer, it would be really bad if you have collaborated for campaigns and not getting the estimated engagement. It’s your choice if you want to get rid of Ghost Followers or if you want to convert them into your followers. Whatever your choice may be, the above steps will definitely help you to cleanse ghost followers from your account safely.


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