How to Find the Most Relevant Influencers in India

Fri, Feb 25, 2022

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We live in a world where influencer marketing has managed to take over major forms of traditional marketing. Through influencers, many brands have successfully expanded their audience base, rewritten the brand’s narrative, and developed a loyal following. With the innumerable benefits it has to offer, it’s unlikely for you to not invest in an influencer marketing strategy.

The process of creating an influencer marketing plan starts with finding relevant influencers. With thousands of influencers spread across different social media platforms in various niches, it can be challenging to find genuine creators relevant to your business. influencer marketing platform

As more Indians choose to become influencers, the demand for niche influencers will continue to rise in the coming years. If you plan on engaging your target audience, you have to start collaborating with influencers who can offer value in your niche.

Selecting influencers to represent your business is important, and it must be done the right way. If you don’t know how to do it, we have a few tips that might come in handy. Check them out!

1. Browsing Through Online Influencer Databases or Platforms

You can use the best influencer marketing platform in India to find niche influencers, but you have to do a bit more than browsing. When you simply search for them, you’ll come across plenty of options. You need to use various filter options to find exactly the type of influencers you want for your brand. Some of these platforms have a blog section that has lists of top influencers dedicated to different industries and categories.

2. Finding Influencers By Subject

If you want to focus on a specific topic, you can start looking for influencers who create or promote content around that topic. These people already have authority and collaborating with them could do wonders in terms of ROI. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there that can help you conduct an influencer topic search across different social media platforms.

While doing such searches, you must know who you are exactly looking for in influencers. Are you looking specifically at bloggers, vloggers, CEOs, newsletter creators, micro influencers, or journalists? When you know what you want to find, conducting a topic search could be pretty useful.

For instance, if you want to collaborate with vloggers who post NFT-related content, you will ideally want Indian YouTubers with channels with high views and a strong subscriber base in India. Now, you can use tools available online to enter the subject ‘NFT’ to find creators. You’ll also find several additional filters to refine your search further.

3. Finding Influencers Who Create Widely Shared Content

Influencers who are passionate about a certain topic will do the necessary research to create content on that topic. Because they have been creating content on that topic for a long time, they hold a significant amount of authority in the field with a massive reach. Having your brand featured in their content could mean a hike in engagement levels. You can access various tools that can help you access widely shared content online, allowing you to handpick creators who are repeatedly shared on multiple platforms for their content.

4. Finding Influencers Who Have Collaborated with Your Competitors

If you want to collaborate with relevant influencers in India, start looking at your competitors. You need to analyze your competitors before you can create an influencer marketing strategy for your brand. Take some time out to evaluate who these influencers are, what kinds of campaigns they work on, and how effective they are for your competitors.

Apart from getting access to a bunch of relevant influencers in your industry, such an assessment will also allow you to essential demographic details on what you should search for in the ideal influencers. You will also get an idea of the type of campaigns that work in your niche and even learn from the mistakes your competitors make.

You can start by looking at industry-related hashtags on various social media accounts to keep a tab on content that’s shared regularly. Types of Influencer Campaigns Types of Influencer Campaigns

Once you have a list of influencers relevant to your brand, you will have to select the influencer marketing campaigns that will work best for your company. Some of the popular types of influencer marketing campaigns are discussed below –

Gifting – Here, influencers are given gifts for mentions and posts on their channel.

Sponsored Content – Brands will be paying influencers to create content in association with your brand or share your content on various social media channels.

**Guest Posting –**In this campaign, an influencer will allow a brand to create content for their blog channel.

**Contents & Giveaways –**In this case, brands make use of contests and giveaways to give influencers an incentive for mentioning your brand or sharing your content.

**Affiliates –**Here, companies share affiliate codes with influencers, allowing them to earn money whenever somebody uses the code to make a purchase.

**Influencer Takeover –**In this scenario, an influencer will be handling a brand’s social media accounts for a specific amount of time.

**Discount Codes –**Influencers will be given discount codes that will be shared with their followers and fans.

**Brand Ambassadors –**Here, brands partner with an influencer regularly for promotion in exchange for offers, discounts, and other perks.

Your job doesn’t end when you’re done creating a campaign. You will have to monitor these campaigns along with their KPIs regularly and check if they’re capable of helping you achieve your goals. Only conducting regular assessments will help you understand whether a campaign is working for you.

Finding relevant influencers in India to represent your brand starts with a solid influencer marketing plan. If done right, it can deliver big results in driving traffic, boosting brand visibility, generating valuable leads, and increasing sales. influencer marketing platform


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