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Mon, Jan 11, 2021

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There are close to 860 million Instagram users in the world. Out of those, nearly 150 million users tap on shopping posts every month. Given the massive surge it has seen, it is no surprise that brands want to make the most of this social media platform. Micro-influencers too desire to understand how they can increase their followers so that they can become big influencers. But, not everyone has cracked the code. However, the below-mentioned steps might be able to solve your problem related to post reach and followers.

Wondering how to increase your Instagram profile’s reach and followers? Check these out:

Content table:

  1. Be Consistent
  2. Don’t try to educate, tell stories
  3. Use the Right hashtags
  4. Post at the right times
  5. Hop of trends aka Moment Marketing
  6. Use high-quality filters
  7. Emojis are YES-YES
  8. Experiment with videos
  9. Analyze your competitors
  10. Sometimes less is more

Be Consistent

Your audience does not follow you for what you’ve posted in the past, but what you are going to post in the future. With a constant theme, they will be able to determine the kind of content you’re going to post in the future. The layout of the grid, colors used, quality of the photos used, and niche you’re catering to. Having a consistent theme and posting schedule will have almost as much impact on increasing your followers as much as the content you post.

Don’t Try to Educate, Tell Stories

To increase engagement, reach & followers, tell micro-stories which are in line with what Instagram is supposed to be– a Visual inspiration platform. Don’t try to educate your followers since they follow you for the content you create and the connection/relevancy they feel with your posts. Focus on writing creative captions, creative videos, Instagram stories, among others. You can take inspiration from how big brands like Nike, Red Bull, Airbnb have created a massive following on social media.

Use Right Hashtags

Hashtags make it easy for people searching for specific terms to find your photos. Do some research, use popular hashtags so that new users can discover your profile but don’t overuse it either. Popular hashtags are used across the world and you might attract the right audience which might not be appropriate for you as an influencer.

Post at the Right Times

Analyze your last 9 posts, check the insights and the kind of response you’ve received. Best time to post is usually between 12-6 PM but it may vary as per your region, followers, kind of content you are posting, etc. Once you’ve analyzed your posts, insights will tell you what, how and why of your posts. If you can’t define rights from the wrongs, you can use several free tools available online to check.

Hop on Trends aka Moment Marketing

When an opportunity knocks on the door don’t shy away from making the most of it. Multiple things are trending on social media daily; be it different kinds of challenges, some crisis on the other side of the world, new celebrity filters on Instagram, or any special day. Choose your battles, and go full throttle with high-quality content mingled with some new ideas. Memes are other things which are most trending and brands love them as it helps with more instantaneous followers.

Use High-quality Filters

Instagram is all about presenting your visual content aesthetically. Instagram itself provides several filters to choose from on top of the thousands of filters available on the online markets. Ensure that the filters you are using enhance the quality of your content, which will bring more reach and followers.

Emojis are YES-YES

Using emojis in your content is defined not only as smart but it also helps in portraying a playful side of the content to your followers. They get to see the human side in your stories which is essential to create that emotional connection you’d want if you want to increase reach and engagement which ultimately convert into more followers.

Experiment with Videos

Even though Instagram is a photo-sharing platform, the introduction of Reels means that it is now focusing more on short-videos. As per the studies, photos get more likes while users comment on videos. Unlike other platforms, videos on Instagram are now a primary source of user-generated content. Try new ideas through videos, you never know which might entice your followers to share it with others. Moreover, Instagram offers IGTV as well which is another amazing platform within a platform to tell your stories.

Analyze your Competitors

Although it is important to be unique, it is also smart to see what your competitors are doing. Once you have an idea about their strategies, and what is working for them, you might be able to get some ideas on your own to churn out engaging, creative content.

Sometimes Less is More

Posting 15 posts a week which is mediocre in quality will not go well with your followers as much as one quality post a week would. Your followers should be eagerly waiting for your next post and not ignoring it when it reflects on their field. Quality over quantity will always win. This will also help your posts to rank higher on your follower’s feed.

Bonus Tip

While social media may feel like a leisure time activity, but is in reality like entrepreneurship; a journey which is never over. Think of it as a business that is always growing. So, no matter how your business evolves, improving the outcomes and results is always in your hands.


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