Started earning when I was just 16 years old -Somya Shekhawat

Fri, May 21, 2021

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**Somya Shekhawat- **somya_shekhawat

I started my earning when I was in 11th standard by opening my online store @lovehandmadeart

My creativity was admired by a lot of people and they started paying me for them. Now I have been running a business for 4 years and am fortunate to have a family of 13k there. I am an artist by heart and love to do creative DIY’s. Travelling is also one of my hobbies since childhood so I started making vlogs on it and started uploading them on YouTube!. Now I am proudly having 12.5k subscribers on YouTube as well with some brands to collaborate with. So basically I am a DIY freak ,a Traveler and a YouTuber. Somya Right from the start, I love to click pictures and I have been posting them on Instagram even when this blogging and Collab thing was not so much of a trend. When people approached me for collaboration, I was really surprised. I am so proud & happy for the Collaboration I have made with 150+ popular brands. Some of them include Ponds ,Lakme ,Drools etc. and have a Fam of  27k followers on IG now. And last but not the least, a happy proud mama of 120+ plants ! Thinking of starting my own nursery also. I am studying a B.A L.L.B integrated course of 5 years that is going to complete soon and you will meet Advocate Somya then!. I know I have a long way to go but what I did till now, I am proud of it and my family and friends too !


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