Top 10 Influencer marketing trends in 2021

Wed, Apr 21, 2021

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Nowadays, influencer marketing is a hot topic and in coming years it will increase huge popularity. With more brands adding influencer collaborations to their digital marketing strategies, the influencer marketing growth 2021 is bound to be tremendous.

What makes these strategies such a hit is the fact that they’re simple, quick, and cheap. Not only do they showcase a brand’s products or services, but they also have a way to reach a significantly large number of people to yield promising results. influencer marketing platform

If you don’t believe it yet, let’s take a look at two influencer marketing statistics –

· Since 2019, over 240 platforms and agencies have emerged that bring influencers and brands together.

· Influencer marketing has been forecasted to become a $13.8 million market during the course of 2021.

Every year brings new social media platforms, different trends, new types of content, and new ways to engage with the potential customers. 2021 is the year where demand for influencer marketing will surely increase and y0u can expect exciting things coming in the year.

So, in this post, we are giving you details about the Top 10 Influencer marketing trends in 2021.

1. Live streaming

Influencers connect with the audiences in new and meaningful ways recreated live events via live streams. In the year 2020, live streaming saw massive growth and has become one of the most noticeable influencer marketing trends.  Through Facebook Live, IGTV, Youtube live, influencers connect with their viewers. Moreover, with live stream content creation, influencers will continue to lead the way efficiently, making it one of the top influencer marketing trends 2021 to watch out.

2. Video Content will be more appreciated

From some last years, video content has been highly appreciated. People love watching videos and connect more with them. So, with the introduction of Instagram reels and recently Facebook short video, it is expected that the video content trend will grow more. Many well-known influencers create related video content to engage the community on a deeper level.

As per a report, micro-influencers, who have less than 25,000 followers, have the highest engagement rates at approximately 7%. Micro and Nano Influencers will be more popular in the coming years to be considered as one of the most enlightening trends in influencer marketing. By focusing on micro and nano-influencers brands will be able to stretch their influencer marketing budgets.

4. Brand values will take the focus

Brands that reveal an awareness of the bigger societal picture will make a lot of goodwill and improve deeper connections with their customers. They will surely make an intensive effort to work with influencers from all walks of life. In conveying brand values to audiences, influencers will play an essential role. By connecting with the genuine nature of influencers, businesses will be able to link their stance on a variety of issues in a tactic that resonates with their target market effectively.

5. Deals on the basis of performance will increase

It’s expected that performance-based influencer marketing will increase as influencers and brands seek out long-term partnerships. Brands or clients will expect influencers to deliver on their potentials like a definite number of clicks or sales.

6. Influencers will be more Specialized

As an influencer marketing trend, influencers will carry on to develop expertise in their niche, making them even more sought. There are many influencers who carry out niches for themselves and that’s one of the influencer marketing 2021 trend that will grow high with the passage of time. There are many niches such as fitness, tech, fashion and beauty, and many more. So, influencers will continue to work on a particular niche and help the related brands too to promote them amongst their audiences.

7. Collaborations with influencers

It is expected that in the coming years, the connection and collaborations between influencers will be stronger. At present, they are many influencers who have a collaboration with hundreds of brands but in the year 2021, this will increase more.

8. Authenticity will be the Motto

Influencers must be careful with the content that they develop for brands to assure that the products they take on are going to resonate with their viewers well. So, in 2021, brands and influencers both will continue with authenticity so that audiences will trust them more. Furthermore, with this, brands will get a bonus to show their integrity which is endearing.

9. Sponsorship Opportunities

In 2021, as an influencer marketing trend, there will be new opportunities for influencers and brand sponsorships through social commerce. From Influencer content to brand channels, Shoppable posts, as well as videos, have created a seamless user experience, and farther-reaching eCommerce solutions. So, influencer marketers should expect those trends in coming years to continue. This will also lead to seeking out partnerships with brands that are all set to comprise shoppable content in the influencer marketing campaigns.

9. New Social Platforms

There are already many social platforms that are used by influencers to reach their audience. But now, social platforms such as Instagram reel is gaining huge popularity. Recently, a new social platform that is Facebook short video is introduced which will surely going to be very popular amongst the influencers. Hence, in 2021 influencers will use newer platforms, monetize their content, and use several tools to tell their stories.

# Final Words

After 2020, in which many brands were finding it difficult to update their marketing and advertising campaigns, 2021 offers many promises. Businesses learned that they can operate virtually as well as they approach the influencers and rely on influencer marketing. Hence, we hope that through this will you will understand well about the top influencer marketing trends to watch out for in the year 2021. influencer marketing platform


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