What do influencer ratings mean for your Brand?

Sat, Jul 31, 2021

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We usually see the ratings in this Digital era before trying out a new restaurant in our hometown. Likewise, when Brands see the rating card of an influencer, they feel safe to work with them. Influencer Rating shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Why do influencers need ratings?

The ratings an influencer gets show their intelligence and knowledge in the work they do. It helps the brands trust the influencers before they collaborate and helps the brands judge whether this influencer can handle big projects.

We at Famstar- the best influencer marketing platform provide an influencer rating system so that Brands feel confident to work and collaborate with these influencers in the future.

How does the rating system work at Famstar?

Brands can rate the influencers on a “five-star” scale. Five stars being excellent and one star being poor. You can only rate these influencers if you have completed a project with them. These ratings given by the Brands are refreshed regularly and if you can’t see any rating, it means we don’t have any data to show you. Does that mean that influencers with no rating won’t be good for your Brand? Absolutely not! It just means that they are newbie’s who have joined our platform and are eager to collaborate with your Brand. rating system work at Famstarrating system work at Famstar What criteria should Brands consider before rating an influencer?

**#Authenticity: **Brands should assess the authenticity of the content curated by the influencers. Original content will receive more love than something that isn’t real. An authentic post would automatically receive higher engagement.

#**Professionality: **Brands must check how professional were the influencers that they collaborated with. In our platform, we want the best influencers who can be professional and adhere to deadlines. At Famstar, there is no room for slacking off. An influencer’s professionality can be measured with

● Their punctuality.

● The originality of the posts.

Ability to match the Brand campaign goals

**#Quality of Content: **The ratings for an influencer can reduce if the brands submit any screenshot stating that the quality of the content is low. We will be comparing the content with the past content to determine the same.

**#Influencer’s followers: **Brands can assess if the posts have reached the target audience or if it is even addressed to the target audience.

Now generally there are many other factors one considers before collaborating with Influencers. The Influencer rates are just one medium and if you as a Brand want to critically analyse then follow these below steps that will help you “to evaluate an influencer for your brand”

**Portfolio: **Brands should check the portfolio of influencers which will determine the creative strategies they generally use and this will help Brands to gauge if these influencers are relevant to the goals for the campaign.

**Following base: **Brands can have a look at the followers of these influencers and observe if these followers engage with the posts or not. The influencer’s followers should reflect the brand’s target audience.

**Activity: **The more active influencers are the more engagement you will get for your campaign. If the influencer is not really active then maybe collaborating with these influencers will not be really fruitful to your brand.

**Suitable niche: **If an influencer has a full rating but does not match your niche then he’d be the wrong investment. It is essential for brands to collaborate with influencers of their niche as they would have the desired target audience.

**Persuasion power: **Brands can observe the past content to see the tone of the influencers which will eventually determine if the influencer is fit for their campaign or not.

**Loyalty: **Influencers generally avoid working with competitive brands. If you have found that they are working with your competitor or have before then avoid collaborating with the same

The above steps will help Brands to furthermore analyse the influencers before collaborating with them. The influencer ratings are one measurement but it is advisable for brands to observe and make an analysis of their own.

**Final Thoughts: **Influencer Rating shouldn’t be taken lightly. The ratings determine an influencer’s credibility and hence brands should mandatorily rate the influencers after the completion of the collaboration. Rating an influencer is really essential and we at Famstar take it seriously as we want nothing but the best for your Brand.


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