What Is Making Social Media Influencers So Popular?

Tue, Nov 16, 2021

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Present era is full of possibilities. There was a time when only movie stars. Sports persons and singers were the celebrities. Now, the door has opened for common people too to become popular on social media like facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube etc. Like celebrities, they also have millions of followers.

With the advent of social media, it became easy for common people to show their talent, creativity, uniqueness and knowledge  to the world. It just costs their time, energy and creativity in return. influencer marketing platform In earlier periods, people had talent and knowledge but they did not get the platform to show them. Some people even were unaware of  their talent. But the era of technology has given equal opportunity and access to all. The world has recognised the hidden talent of people and appreciates it.

Where is the crowd, there the brands and companies and that gave birth to the new form of marketing (Influencer Marketing). It is apparent now that the traditional way of marketing is being replaced by Influencer Marketing. Because the online presence of people has increased dramatically in recent years.

According to a eMarketer report, around 80 percent of the brands or companies are using Influencer Marketing for launching their new products or spreading awareness of their brand.

The success and popularity of these social media influencers must be giving you some thoughts like what is making them so popular with people, why brands are using influencer marketing and so on. influencer marketing platform So, this article will give you the idea or understanding about social media influencers being so popular nowadays.


When two people talk and their area of interest or passion is the same, their conversation becomes endless, also they feel connected and become friends in no time. That’s what happens with the people, when they see people on social media having the same interest, they start following them.

They are being followed because they are the experts of their area of interest. Following them, the followers feel benefited because it helps them grow their interest and knowledge.

Same passion connects people. Those who are interested in fashion will follow the people who are good at fashion and those who are interested in technologies, will follow techno savvy people.

For example- there is a popular youtuber named CarryMinati(Ajey Nagar), who is famous for his comedic skits and reactions to online topics, one of his channels CarryisLive is for Gaming, Live streaming and entertainment. So, the people who are also interested in gaming will follow him heartedly.


Another good reason for their being so popular is that their contents on social media are so frequent and creative that people like to watch them like daily episodes on TV channels.

Unlike celebrities who just post their contents on social media once or twice a week or month, the social media Influencers post on a daily basis. That makes them become more close and affectionate to their audience. influencer marketing platform Gradually people start following their fashion sense, their dialogues and lifestyle etc. and also seek their opinions for products and services.

They design their contents in a way that has a long lasting impact on the audience.


Those days seem gone, when people used to go to their Dadi, Nani, teachers, doctors, friends and others loved ones or the people had solutions to our problems, small or big.

Today, they have a magic device in their hand, that is their hand phone with internet. Just on a click, they can get solutions or answers to almost all kinds of problems.

For example- A person wants to cut down on his weight in a natural way at home. He would search on internet “how to reduce weight at home naturally?’’  There he will find many blogs, videos about it. When he feels the content is right, he starts following that website, or the channel. He can also search people who are posting contents on health, diet and fitness on Instagram, facebook etc.

So on one hand the influencer is solving the problem of the person and on the other hand growing their own personal brand or popularity.


Transparency and trust are the key to any kind of healthy relationship and that is best understandable to the social media Influencers. They keep transparency  in the first place. We can see the word “sponsored” on their posts.

They do not give suggestions for the cheap products and brands to their audience because it can risk them losing their followers and trust is the precious thing which is once lost, becomes hard to gain again. influencer marketing platform Their suggestions and opinions matter to the audience more than the celebrities as celebrities often do not consider how the product or brand is. They just promote them without giving much thought about the product and its quality or how it can be useful for human beings.


Presently, the influencers on social media are followed by the people who have the same interest or niche and their words are valuable to those followers. They are experts in their niche or area of interest. So, people give them their ears and eyes easily.

Having a high rate of engagement and a close relationship with their audience give them power to influence. They have got the power of word of mouth and that’s the reason for companies opting more for Influencer Marketing instead of any other  form of marketing.


Influencers believe in the power of communication. A great communication skill can do miracles. It strengthens the bond and bridges the gap between the Influencers and their audience.

Directly or indirectly Influencers do communicate with their audience almost regularly. Their relationship becomes like a family, they feel incomplete interacting with their lovely audience.

They understand that their followers are their assets so they should be given value and time. Their goodwill and popularity is nothing without their audience.

Hence, they come live on Instagram, facebook, youtube etc. and interact with their audience and also reply to their comments sometimes.  Their followers also wait for that amazing moment.


Influencers’ popularity is growing incredibly. But we should not forget that they would not have gained fame in a day. A seed can not become a tree in a day. It would have taken their lots of time, effort, energy, passion, creativity and most importantly consistency.

Famstar, the best Influencer Marketing platform  appreciates their efforts and hardship. It is the best platform which works for the influencers and brands.

The influencers deserve the fruits of their consistent efforts and struggle. They deserve the popularity and fame like other celebrity stars.

I hope this article has given you the clarity and understanding about the popularity of the assiduous little rising stars.

You too can become a popular influencer. You just need to find your own niche, uniqueness and talent and show the world in the right and creative way. influencer marketing platform


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